Zombie Exodus! Want To Hear A Complete PlayThrough? Link Is Here!

I looked on Youtube and found that several people had started and made a couple or three short videos reading the beginning of their play of Zombie Exodus. I couldn’t find anyone else who got very far into it however.

I am changing that and my entire first playthrough of my first time reading Zombie Exodus can be found in my playlist on my YouTube channel at this link…

I have not studied any spoilers or paths and am still playing. The chapters in Part 3 so far are very long to read out loud, but that will not prevent me from posting them! Currently editing my Part 3 Chapter 2 and will be posting that one very soon!

I am really enjoying my first play of Zombie Exodus, and wanted to post my video playlist link to share it with people here! Obviously they could be considered a “spoiler” in a way, but with lots of different choices possible, I doubt that many people would get the same experience, so if you watch/listen to my videos, I would certainly appreciate your feedback either here or by leaving comments on my youtube videos themselves!


  • Zaxtor99

This is awesome :slight_smile: I’ll watch the video when I get the chance.

@Zaxtor99 thanks for doing these videos. You’re right–no one has made a video going as far as you have. I will post this to my followers so you get some views. Do you have a twitter account so I can tag you?

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No Jim, I don’t use twitter and don’t have an account there, but feel free to add any of my youtube links such as the link to my playlist of the videos I posted above. Also, I assume by your user name here that you are the author of this interactive novel? …If so, now would be a good time I suppose to just ask you and make sure that I have permission to post these videos and monetize them on my channel for my work. I asked this same question on the Steam forums for this Steam purchase before I started but never got any response.

Also, I might have a twitter account but if I do, I never use it… would that be beneficial in some way over just allowing you to post the direct links to my youtube video playlist?


  • Zaxx

Yes, I am the author of ZE. You have my permission to post them. I’ll confirm with Choice of Games that they’re okay with it. No need to have a twitter account. I’ll post the links to your Youtube page. Also check your private messages here.

Okay great Jim and yes verifying permission with Choice of Games would be fantastic. Most indie game developers are more then happy with this kind of exposure but it’s always good to ask!

Also if you need to message me for any reason in the future, just PM me here or preferably on my Youtube channel from my ABOUT page, you can send private messages to any youtube content creator there.

I’m enjoying the book a lot to be honest, but it is a lot of work to read it all out loud, edit, and upload a pretty lengthy book like this one… so I do hope that some people get some enjoyment from watching/listening to my videos of my experience with this interactive novel!

I think it is very well written, I just hope that I do it justice with my read aloud, hehe.

  • Zaxx

You have the copy rights to ZE, Jim, so it’s all up to you. It can only help all of you, anyways. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, if we don’t hold the copyright, it’s up to who does hold the copyright.


Video #8 (Part 3, Chapter 2) is being uploaded as I write this post, and another long one coming in at about 1 hour and 10 minutes.

  • Zaxx
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I thought that any use of CS used commercially affects Hosted Games, even monetizing on YouTube. So I just wanted to check first.

@Zaxtor99 go for it :smile:

Sweet, thanks Jim.

It’s not much anyhow… I have about 2,500 total views on all my ZE videos now, and it would take about 5,000 more views just to pay for what I paid for Zombie Exodus, lol.

Honestly, being a Youtuber at my level (3,200 subs) doesn’t really pay much at all, and I never even considered monetizing videos at all until about a year ago, because I figured if I didn’t monetize videos then my viewers wouldn’t see ads on my videos, lol. When a friend told me that not monetizing videos means that Google/Youtube makes 100% of the ad revenue and my videos are still going to have ads, well then I changed my mind pretty quick. I definitely need a dollar or two more then Google needs even more money lol.

I enjoy making videos. What I really enjoy though is when someone gets something out of them… a laugh, entertainment, they learn something, or they tell me I changed their live… that’s the best feeling in the world, and i’ve had a few comments and messages telling me something I did or said in a video changed someones life. Wow, that is indescribable.

Game videos aren’t the videos I get those kind of messages from, but I figure if I can share my enjoyment of a good game or especially a good well written and fun-to-read interactive novel like Zombie Exodus… then it’s well worth my time if even just a few people can get some pleasure from watching or listening to me read it/play it.

  • Zaxx

Uh, so, I didn’t read this thread very carefully. I thought this pertained to a Let’s Play.

Unfortunately, I have to talk with our lawyer before I can give official permission that it’s okay for you to do read-throughs and monetize those.

@jasonstevanhill any video on YouTube is monetized by Google and if elected by the poster, he or she can also add video ads for very small amounts. So this pertains to every Let’s Play video for all games.

OO Okay Jason!

Just let me know when you find out the official word please. I will comply however I need to, even if it means removing my videos from my channel, but I’m sure the exposure is actually great free advertising for you!

  • Zaxx