Zombie Exodus Safe Haven (ZESH) Guides

Hey all,

I have posted a College student perfect game guide. Many of my decisions can be adapted to other roles so it is not limited to a college student. JIMD has approved what I provided. It is mostly spoiler free!

It IS editable, (I have copies on my PC) so that WE as a community can improve it. If you change it please leave a change log note at the bottom for me (date/initials/change summary/explanation).

I’d like people to add their experiences with other builds/Backgrounds/romances to this guide as separate pages below the original. If you do so, I’ll change it to a guide of its own (it’s own google document) and save the link at the top as an option for someone who wants a similar guide for a different build. If you do so, please try to adapt your background/romance to the decisions in the guide to maximize everything that you can. Example: teenager/army/cop/scientist/bank Robber/con artist starts and story additions that meld into and utilize the choices I used to maximize the story. Even flipping it to being evil would be fine as a SEPARATE guide addition.

This one plays as a honorable, humane, mostly honest, mostly calculated, strong leader. You can swap out the ranged skill for melee or hand to hand if you wish with no issues, however you may need to tinker with the attributes.

It collects everyone you can with high opinion/morale/allegiance and maximizes the gathering of supplies/equipment/information/story. I also have a skill/attribute calculator, a sample calculator, and the info on survivor stats. I also have a list of weapons and clothing and their effects. I have found these things combined with stat checks from the code to make building characters much easier and less soul crushing than constantly restarting and rebuilding.

I am a beta tester for 2.2 but have NOT included or knowingly prepared for anything in 2.2. Things will likely adapt to new releases but here it is.

Please share your thoughts or questions on it here or pm!


Google Sheet Calculator


Let me know about what? The additions I asked for?

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I have updated for 2.2. We have one item left to write as as a pathway for the guide and that’s the pharmacy (waiting on update due to bugs) and gas station (completed) instead of the melee training and training of the group in Chapter 7.

Edit: now that we have it easy with all specimen collecting, we also have to figure out the best order to collect specimens to maximize research. Once we have an updated list of how much each sample gives us for 1st through 3rd or 4th specimens, we can compare the numbers with say avoiding all brainstem samples until the living zombie at the camp during the scouting mission and then doing the second and third brainstem samples after that.

The reason is there is a .15 bonus for living samples and it’s really only effective if it’s a first time sample, but We’ll have to run the numbers and compare that gain to any losses we take from each consecutive sample.


For building a SurvNet Server, you marked down that I need a Heavy Battery. In the crafting menu, it states that I need a Solar Panel or 4 Normal Batteries. It states that on the newest version of Zombie Exodus Safe Haven on the Choice of Games app. Can you update your guide for this change?

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Just try this game thank you for this guide