XYZZY Awards

Voting for round 1 of the XYZZY interactive fiction awards is underway and the hosted games developed using ChoiceScript last year are nominated. Please vote for these hosted games as it helps publicize CoG games within interactive fiction.

I second this. Choicescript nominees include Zombie Exodus, Marine Raider, Zebulon, Dead Already, Dilemma, Mobile Armored Marine, and The Race.

You can vote for many different categories and it only takes a couple of minutes.

Voted. I think it’s a good idea for Choice Script writers to support each other.

If you haven’t already, make sure you vote for the Hosted Games in the XYZZY awards. Votes close at midnight!! My vote was for the excellent Zombie Exodus!

And I voted for The Race! The voting form even had the name of one of your puzzles, Andy!

Also, votes can be submitted for ChoiceScript (Innovation) and Choice of Games (Supplemental Material).

Oops, I broke it . . .

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Edit: It let me register the game votes, just not ChoiceScript for “Best Technological Development”. :frowning:

Same here @Vendetta.

I have a feeling we’ll be voting for you next year :slight_smile:

Heh, that would be nice, but I have a sneaking suspicion that ChoiceScript will go from strength to strength and the “competition” grow with it . . .

Well, we can hope so, anyway. :slight_smile:

Well, the votes are in and I’m pleased to sy that three Choicescript games have been nominated as Finalists in the XYZZY awards.

Marine Raider has been nominated for Best Setting (congrats Allen gies!)

The Race has been nominated for Best Puzzles and Best Individual Puzzle (ahem… my game)

Zombie Exodus has been nominated for ten (yes, TEN!) different awards! Excellent news for Jim Dattilo!

Commiserations go to the other Choicescript nominees, especially Mobile Armored Marine which I thought was an excellent game.

To vote for the finalists, go to

Best of luck to all finalists.

Very well done guys; a good showing for ChoiceScript designs. Allen’s setting is certainly original (it’s the first ChoiceScript game I spotted on the Apple store and the novelty of the setting is what first attracted my interest) and it’s especially great to see Zombie Exodus receive the plaudits it so richly deserves. Also, considering that some other systems are much more geared towards providing mind-boggling “puzzles” than is ChoiceScript, Andy’s nominations are a great testament to his clever game design. Kudos all round!

Congrats to Andy and Allen for their nominations. I agree that Andy’s innovation in puzzle creating deserves recognition. It received my vote!

Anything to bring attention to ChoiceScript helps all of us, so I am excited that these nominations will reach people who may now download our games.

Congratulations to Zombie Exodus and @JimD for winning a Special Recognition Award in the XYZZY awards.

Read the latest choice of blog for full details of the competition outcome.

Thanks Andy!

I guess I really should try Cryptozookeeper. I haven’t before because it was really difficult to get an idea of what it was about, but if it won so many awards it must have something going for it.