It's IFComp time again :)

So, I didn’t get time to finish an entry I was planning on trying to write for the comp this year but at least I can still read them. Looks like there’s a heap of entries this year. (Wish I had more time at the moment!) Enjoy, tell me if you read any particularly good ones!


Couldn’t see any choicescript submissions at first glance :frowning:

No I don’t think anyone got one done in time that I know of :slightly_frowning_face:

At first, I thought that @Lordirish was going to run the famous CSComp again this year, I was so happy :slight_smile:


IFComp has the caveat that it has to be free forever on there, right? I figure that is why not a lot of CS games show up. With a path to paid publishing, pro bono isn’t super enticing.

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@hustlertwo Can get you a lot of exposure though, and a got spot for shorter CS games (especially those under 30,000 words,) or those using mods. So potentially very worth while if it does well. There have been CS games in the past, and some of them have placed. I was potentially going to enter one I’ve been working on in the background but I realised there was no way it’d be finished in time as I ended up making it a lot longer than it should have been and will probably end up with HG sooner or later. There’s not much point in entering a game that isn’t properly finished and tested, they don’t do well. But yep, people from this forum do enter games there sometimes, but looks like not this year that I’m aware of.

@Snowpanther CSComp has been closed and is not likely to run this year.


Ah, I remember the last time I tried to wade through IFComp’s enormous database of submissions. I felt so guilty over not playing enough games. Some real gems there, though. IFComp’s also my major source of exposure to parser games. Luckily I managed to resist the temptation to try and write one myself, since I perpetually have five other projects on the back burner.

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Mine is a ChoiceScript game! :smiley:


You’ll have to be a bit more specific! Lots of entries there.

Link please? I won’t have time to play them all (holy crap half of them list play time as two hours!) but I want to play a few, at least.

Ha ha, sorry, got a bit over excited there and forgot my username on here doesn’t exactly give much away!
It’s this one:
Intentionally veers away from a lot of typical CoG stuff. Much as I love 'em, I wanted to try using their mechanics to do something else, so I’m not sure how people will feel about it…


For a couple of years now I’ve been meaning to participate in ifcomp but I’ve never managed to finished a game on time lol…

Meanwhile I’ve been writing notes/semi-reviews of the ifcomp games at

@N0616307 Your game was really interesting and I liked it a lot!

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Thanks so much for the review, I really appreciate it! (And I’m glad you liked it!)
In response to your comment on sound - it’s pretty easy to put in - just *sound [name of soundfile] and then put the soundfile where you’d normally put images. Only thing is afaik you can’t control the sound much - it just starts & ends when it gets to the end of the clip.

The competition organizers are putting out a request for more judges. Please, we could use your help! I’m in the competition, but I’m also a big fan of interactive fiction in general (IFComp and Choice of Games. I’m trying to write my own Choicescript book outside of the comp!)

You only need to play and rate 5 games. There is one Choicescript game (as mentioned earlier in the thread), but there are also plenty of games that should appeal to Choicescript fans. The choice of games community is much bigger than the IFComp community, so if even a small percentage of people here, it could help out a lot.