IFComp 2022 is out

Hi All, I’m a bit late on this announcement, but IFComp 2022 has been released. It’s too late to submit an entry but there are plenty of free interactive fiction games now out to play. (I even spied at least one CSG when browsing the games list to see what had been entered today, but there’s a range with everything from Twine to Parser, short 15min games to 2+ hours to playthrough so hopefully something for everyone to enjoy.)

They’re always looking for people to help rate the games for the comp, so if you’re interested you can sign up and find the games here: https://ifcomp.org/

There’s also a forum if you want to discuss or review games in the comp with others: https://intfiction.org/ :slight_smile:


I checked the list and there’s apparently 2 choicescript games. Very exciting to find out about this competition. I’ve loved IF for a long time, but had no idea. Thank you for posting!

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The results are out now :slight_smile:

The one choicescript game, Blood Island, got 12th place. (Unfortunately, the other one withdrew.)

It’s not choicescript but my game placed 4th, and the top 4 were all choice-based games, the first time this has happened in IFComp history.