IF Comp 2021 is now open

The annual IF Comp is now open for judging!

There are 71 entries, both parser and choice-based, from a range of new and established writers.

You can play and judge for free.

PLEASE NOTE: there are at least two entries that use ChoiceScript (one is mine :slight_smile: ) and we here in the CoG forum are a BIG and ACTIVE community so be careful not to give higher ratings to authors just because they use ChoiceScript. We want to get awesome rankings based on our writing, not on the system that we use!

The IF Comp is NOT a popularity contest, which is why it is so good.


Feel free to use this thread to post your reactions to stories that you like… or hate. (Or join the intfiction forum, where there are loads of reviews and discussions.)


So how are the nominees chosen?

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Anyone’s free to enter, and players vote on their favourites!


The results are in! Lots of games in ChoiceScript and/or by CoG-published authors among the high-placed entries. Congratulations!

10th place - “A Paradox Between Worlds,” Autumn Chen

11th place - “At King Arthur’s Christmas Feast,” by Travis Moy

15th place - “Fine Felines,” by @Felicity_Banks (Hosted Games author)

19th place - “Silicon and Cells” by Nic Barkdull (CoG author)


I will definitely be submitting “Fine Felines” as a Hosted Game, but first I want to add two more cat breeds (and two more romanceable characters), which will make the game a lot more complicated behind the scenes! So it’ll take me a while.

But you can play the mostly-sorta-done post-comp opening chapter here, if you like.

Congratulations to my fellow CSers!


I assume this means more kitteh pictures? Squee!

And congratulations again!

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Hey! I’m Autumn Chen and I wrote A Paradox Between Worlds. I wrote a lot of words about APBW at A Paradoxical Postmortem Between Worlds - IFComp - The Interactive Fiction Community Forum.

The three choicescript games here were remarkably clustered together with scores near 7/10. This is despite the games being very different in terms of content, structure, and adherence to the CoG style. So if you want to make a 7/10 game for IFComp, choicescript seems like a good bet.