IFComp 2020 is live and we could use your help!

The 2020 IFComp is live (at ifcomp.org/ballot) and has over 100 games, an enormous amount of free games for people to try and play.

IFComp started out as a parser game competition, but it branched a lot and now accepts all interactive fiction. If you’ve played Creatures Such as We, it was an IFComp game, and a lot of Choicescript authors got their start in the competition (like Hollywood Visionary’s Aaron Reed, The Trial of the Thief Taker’s Joey Jones, and even other authors like Inkle’s Jon Ingold and Her Story’s Sam Barlow).

Most people enter because they want someone to look at their stuff, but with 100 games, many authors might not get a review at all.

If you go to ifcomp.org/ballot, it shows a list of games in random order. If you choose at least 5 of the games and play/rate them, it would be so helpful! Reviews are especially nice, as authors get very excited about reviews, but even ratings would be helpful.

You don’t have to play every game, and it’s fine to skip games you can’t play, aren’t interested in or that don’t work on your system. And who knows, maybe you’ll get a scoop and find the next big Choice of Games author?

(Sorry for doubleposting this, I saw another topic called IFComp 2020 and thought someone had already created a topic for it!)


I’ll add my call for folks to try out the IFComp games. A number of them take under fifteen minutes to play. It’s a chance to see a range of games from the entertaining to the dazzlingly experimental. I always come away from IFComp with a head full of thoughts and ideas about interactive stories.


Agree, there’s always some gems in there that are definitely worth your time and seeing games from multiple communities and scripts often gives me ideas and new outlooks on what can be done with IF. Highly recommend wandering over and trying some entries that look interesting.