IFComp 2019?

You can submit your intent to enter until September 1st. Games can be tweaked and updated until Sept. 28th.


Anyone entering? Anyone looking forward to playing and/or judging the entries?


I love IF Comp season, and I’m greatly looking forward to playing! I’ve played and judged for a few years and it’s always satisfying.


How long (word count) usually are submitted games?

Two hours of gameplay at the most, according to official guidelines. I’m personally aiming for something much shorter.

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Really variable, I’ve played short ones that have only been a few pages long to ones that would stretch play the 2hr limit to get through it all. Most of the ones that do really well are medium to long though from memory. Wordcount also depends on the format there’s entries from twine to TADS.


Hmm, interesting. Should try out, but probably next year. :slight_smile:

I think @Joshua_Koch should do one. :blush:

That’s very kind of you! Sadly I’m fantastically far behind where I wanted to be on my main project here and it would be irresponsible for me to try to scrabble something completely new together in a month.

(Believe me, the idea is deliciously tempting, but maybe next year?)

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IFComp is so fun! I hope some people check out the games even if they’re not entering. I’ve beta tested 5 or 6 so far this year and some of them are really amazing!


Damn, I definitely can’t justify signing up to the competition this year with all that’s on my plate at the moment.

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Well, the deadline has passed, and entries will be available to play starting tomorrow.


The 25th IFComp is now live. They’ve had an amazing turn out this year with 82 entries! All the games are free to play and there’s everything from choice based IF to parser, so I recommend checking it out and seeing what is there :smile:


I made my very first parser game as an entry this year, using Inform 7. It was a cool new experience, but I find that I’m very, very far from mastering parser games as a concept.


Really? What’s it called?

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Extreme Omnivore: Text Edition.