Cadro's Game Idea (my opinion)

Some one should make a game where you start at the beginning of time and have to become more advanced to survive and work from cave man to modern day.
I would do it but I don’t know how to code

It sounds like a good idea but I don’t think this is the right category for this thread. And you should always try ! I didn’t know how to code myself but now I’m learning. Don’t let a little obstacle keep you from your goal; and you know what they say ! Practice makes perfect ! ^^

I’m 15 and don’t really have time to learn

Hmm…thats not a bad idea. The theme does seem simple enough, probably ask a mod such as @CJW to switch this thread category, however cadro the basics of making a game isn’t that difficult just go to the main and the make your own game section and grab the basics. It’ll be alot easier than you expect.

As long as you keep the game simple…making the game more advance and implementing more things can get a bit difficult or even confusing but thats why you have you cog family to help you.

Although their are many coders searching for ideas or even writers (if you are one) to come up with such a story to be coded.

Believe me when I say age is of no influence. Stop in and step out between coding in cog. Take a peak you’ll be surprised at how little difficulty it really is.

Read forum rules post pls

Definitely the wrong catagory, should be under general or maybe game dev. Maybe.

Age is no excuse, if you really want to learn then make time.

This would be a giant project. There would either need to be huge time skips, or someone would have to devote years to do a full history of humanity from early cave years to modern times.

@Patch101 No need to be unkind. And it can be as huge and detailed or small and simple as it needs to be.

Not unkind, just blunt.

Changed it

Is anyone interested in making this game **==

The first ever hosted game was written by someone still in school. You can do it! Everyone starts somewhere. The writer of Eragon was in school too. Choicescript isn’t too difficult to learn, it’s designed to be easy to pick up. If you want something even simpler though try Twine. No one else will be able to create your game idea anywhere near as good as you will yourself. You should give it a go!

I just don’t have time.between school and sports I just can’t do it

I started writing Trial of the Demon Hunter in my sophomore year of high school :stuck_out_tongue:

I was able to do it while i have school, homework, sport, gaming and more.
And I have to say that it is actually pretty “easy” to learn. Everyone on the forum is willimg to help if you have problems with coding so why won’t you give it a try.