Trial of the Demon Hunter

I am in the middle of writing my interactive novel “Trial of the Demon Hunter”. The plot is, essentially, that you are a benevolent bounty hunter who is away on business when a powerful demon destroys your town. When you return, you are met with destruction and wanton death, and vow to banish the demon from whence it came. You then journey, along with your shape shifting boggart companion, to accomplish this endeavor. Along the way, you face increasingly stronger enemies (including 3 witch assassins, a vampire, a mage, several bandits, and a cave troll, among others) before finally confronting the demon you seek. Though you are a demon hunter, you possess no magical power and instead must rely on your physical prowess, cunning and weapons (including a silver chain that paralyzes witches, iron shavings that burn the flesh of evil beings, salt that mesmerizes vampires, and a staff infused with cramp instilling chemicals) to defeat your enemies, or otherwise accomplish your endeavors. Your health, relationship with your boggart, intelligence, courage, stealth, and morality will be tracked, along with your boggart’s health, manna, and transformation abilities. I do not have a demo ready yet, but I have a few rough draft illustrations, and I plan to embellish the books interface as much as possible (the font will be medieval, the back ground will look like lava, the buttons will look like tattered paper with cobwebs, and there will be page-flipping noises.) When I’m finished, it will most likely be about 275k words (so to give you an idea of how big that is, it’d be about 9 times the size of Choice of the Dragon) What do you guys think about this so far?

Here are the links to the rough draft illustrations that I have so far- they still have to colored and digitized, and there are many more illustrations to be done but this will give you an idea.

@DJ_CUTY Wouldn’t a benevolent bounty hunter be bankrupt pretty quickly? It doesn’t seem to be the best profession for a conscience.

Seems fun~! I couldn’t see the photos though. “This content is currently unavailable” popped up instead. :slight_smile: Can’t wait for the demo.

@Drazen What I mean by that is he’s like a super hero for hire. He doesn’t kill good guys and take money for it, then go insane from cognitive dissonance- it’s his vocation to track down and dispose of/capture/banish criminals and evil beings.

@LadyPsycopath do you have a facebook? The photos that are attached to the link are on my facebook:P thanks, though! It’s gonna be about 275k words though, so it’ll take a while. Don’t worry, though- it’s gonna be extremely interactive, descriptive, and ground breaking. Not to brag xD

“He doesn’t kill good guys and take money for it,” he said, breaking the heart of Lady Psychopath.

@DJ_CUTY, yes, and I had four friend request! :slight_smile: …that’s big… I like big and long and interactive things~!

May I ask why? Why would like to dedicate yourself to such a sisyphean task? Is he just that good and noble? <–pffft.

I mean, did he just wake up one day and was like ‘I want to make the world a better place, so I’m gonna cleanse it from evil. Also, I’d like to get paid for it’. Nothing wrong with it, of course, the question is whether the motivation is primary FOR JUSTICE or FOR MONEY. Because I imagine plenty of people would have liked someone to capture their evil doers for free.

Also, why does the demon destroy your town? Is it just their modus operandi?

@Jackrabbit Y’know how it is with demons; maybe the town looked at it funny.

hahaha:P maybe that’s a story for another time. and yeah the coding is intensely complex because I’m making everything unique to the last choice, so there are almost no “*goto” scenes.

How do you *not* look funny at a demon? I’d like to know, just in case.

Have you never heard of a detective? lololol.
and you’ll find out in more detail at the end of the book, but he basically did it because demons are only capable of staying on earth for a certain amount of time before being sucked back to the nether world, so he destroyed the town in order to test if there was anyone who was strong enough for him to want to corrupt and use as a vessel.

…be blind?

Was anyone else not able to retrieve the links?

I got the second link fine; the first was frazzled.

I wish there was a way to directly post photos, aside from putting them as your profile picture, but oh well. What do you think of it so far?

@DJ_CUTY I don’t understand why one is holding their weapon upside-down, and the other, backwards.

@Drazen The witch assassin’s is for momentum, and the mage’s is for maneuverability. Thanks for commenting on the quality, though! I LOVE your “feedback”, it’s so helpful and positive.

Hang on, is that sarcasm? Gosh, that can be so confusing sometime.

The sketches are well done on the technical level, and rather standard on the creative level. Kudos for giving the witch a giant ass mace, though.

Thanks, man! They still need to be finalized and then colored and digitized, so they’re gonna be a lot better before being implemented into my book.

and yes of course it was sarcasm…your ridicule was ridiculous xD