Trial of the Demon Hunter - OPEN BETA TESTING

Hey everyone! I’m excited to announce that I’m done writing Trial of the Demon Hunter - book one of Demons Among Men. Now I just need to have it beta tested to ensure that it’s as high quality as possible before I submit it to CoG. I’m mainly wanting to hear about any typos, bugs, or continuity errors that you guys find, but any other feedback is welcome, and as always, I’d love to hear what you like about it. Also, when you are journeying to the vampire’s castle, you get to pick what route you take. As of now, there are only 2 choices, but I’d like for there to be 3, but couldn’t think of a good idea. After you’ve read that part, it’d really help me if you gave suggestions for a third route.

That being said, I also should tell you that the illustrations for the female cover art and the warlock haven’t been finished yet, but when they do, I’ll be inserting them into the game. I should also tell you that it’s much shorter than I advertised on my demo (I said 500,000 words) whereas it’ll now be about 100,000 words after I’ve added the 3rd route to the vampire’s castle. This is because I took out 7/10 of Beckham’s transformations because I realized that they gave him a huge chance of dying, which would ruin the next 5 books. As the most important supporting character, it’s imperative that he doesn’t die. But now, a lot more of the actions will be up to you as opposed to him, so it’s more on hands and personal. But anyways, enough of my ranting. Here’s the link to the game, and I hope you guys enjoy it, and I’m looking forward to your feedback.

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One quick note: I think strictly speaking, “mana” for magical energy should have just one n. “Manna” is bread that falls from the sky.

Good point:P I’ll go change that.

@Samuel_H_Young you could add Traveling over the mountains as it would be the fastest route but also the most treacherous and you would have to travel it and you can get hurt if you pick the wrong choice. Or you can make the choice of a swamp it could have the lest possible chance of being heart but the most for being trapped, the swamp could have magical enchantments that you have to break but if you do it wrong you can get trapped (you could make this endgame or lose time and miss other things) good game your doing great

I love those ideas! I’d make a swamp route, but the castle is surrounded by a swamp, so it’d be a little redundant. However, a mountain would be awesome. It’d be unrealistic to have a mountain in the particular region that the MC is in, but I can definitely do something similar, like maybe a field of geysers. And thanks for the compliment, I really appreciate it.

Cool. your game is awsome. Keep up the good work.

I will! Looking forward to more of your feedback.

I will! And I’ll be looking forward to more of your feedback.

iI love see the typical gothic village near castle , even pass night in a terror inn , you know folcklore. Not need a virgin in a night gown attacked for a vampire XD. Also all the reach castle torrent is a nightmare , I never die in battle but in that place I die 5 times so I, tired to continue right now, later I would finish it

Wow:P I wanted it to be difficult but 5 times is a lot. Do you think you should start out with 20 health points instead of 15 to lessen the chances of death?

I only was hurt in battle once. But that path I don’t have a clue what is safe place to go why you don’t drop a hint in text? I just push random buttons hoping survive and that’s not funny. Increase health could broken game balance also I love how well you describe battles are dinamic so well done

and that’s awesome that you only got hurt once in battle, I tried to make it reasonable but not obvious, as well as challenging.
I’ll go through it and add in some hints. You had trouble with the needles, trap door and torrent of water? and thanks:)! That means a lot

I found a error line 60 not avaliable options after in alchemy room choose search the key but returning if its too dangerous.

Edit I usually not dead in this games due fact I always look my attributes looking what is best, I go with long distance subterfuge poison rutes. I’m cunning and sneaky so yeah I’m center in avoid direct battle

I just found that error, too. I’ll try to fix it tomorrow, but I have very limited time tomorrow so if I can’t finish it then, I won’t be able to fix it until Sunday.

no problem, that’s what beta testers are for :))

Thanks! And just out of curiosity, how long did it take for you to get to the alchemy lab? I’d like for my game to last readers a couple hours at least so I hope it took a while.

40 minutes really and I didn’t skip text there is not enough dialoge or interation two 2 hours and I even replay 7 times reach castle… the battles are really easy or I am really a pro I got a plan choose poison to win and long rang I only use staff to survive the torrent lol.

Maybe it’s because you’re so good:P it’s almost always better to use stealth and long ranged attacks, as you’ve figured out. Well you’ve still got a little bit more to read. At least 3 more choices. So do you think I should addmore dialogue and interactions with Beckham?

becks its cute, but visit any village rebuy stuff ask rumors could be awesome valuable.

I’m glad you think so:P and you actually do all of that in the sequel