The Magician's Burden

This is a thread to discuss my Hosted Game, The Magician’s Burden.


Experience everyday life as a magician in a medieval village. Balance spending time with your family with building friendships or finding romance with other villagers. Find work as a guard, scribe, farmer, or even a thief. Deal with relentless bullies one way or another. Play in chess tournaments, explore a necromancer’s cave, go to the library, or practice your sword fighting in the sparring ring.

Oh, yes. You also have a demon living inside your head. He talks to you and occasionally offers you his demonic powers.

The Magician’s Burden is a 212,000 word interactive slice of life novel by Samuel Harrison Young, where your choices control the story. It’s text-based, with vivid character illustrations, and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

  • Play as male, female, or non-binary; romance whoever you like.
  • Cast spells with a wave of your fingertips: turn invisible, throw fireballs, heal wounds, and more.
  • Resist the temptation, or use your demon’s magic for yourself at a price.
  • Read approximately 40k words per play-through!

Fan art of Keano by @Prism_Stars:

Play the free demo on Amazon, Steam, Apple, or Android: The Magician's Burden


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Which type of magic did you choose?

  • Light
  • Stealth
  • Destruction

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Which jobs did you choose?

  • Scribe with Rigel and Madame Matilda
  • Guard with Mabelin
  • Farmer with Keano and Mathers
  • Thief with Violet and Saza

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Well thought out 1st post. Only thing you may wish to add is a developer notes/update notes link or section.


Who’s ready for more than just flirting with the ROs in Chapter 4? :kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_heart::relaxed:


Ok, so I just finished playing the updated version of the WiP. It’s pretty good so far, I only did one playthrough and I’m glad I was able to beat Killian! Anyways, there were just a few things that I noticed that might need to be fixed;


Over here it’s just a simple spelling error. You wrote possibl when it should be possible :slightly_smiling_face:


Over here you used the word “you’re” twice when really you needed it once. I think it would look better if you wrote it “You suppose you’re lucky” instead of “You’re suppose you’re lucky”.


Over here I think it would just read better if you wrote “As soon as you get out of the bathroom”. Those are just my opinions, though :slightly_smiling_face:.


Thanks, I’m glad you liked the new chapter! I’ll fix those typos tonight.


OMG!!! That PLOT TWIST at the end! It burns a hole through my chest!:cry: Now I feel like I really hate Zaleth…I used to have no problem with him, but now I do…
But is it possible that Percy doesn’t get slapped at the end, or no, cause that really hurts me on the inside, especially since I have THREE younger siblings as well…:pensive:


I’m glad that my characters are making you feel strong emotions. :slight_smile: If you use Zaleth’s powers to defeat Killian, that will always happen. (It overrides your choice). If not, you’ll be able to choose how to react to Percy without the demon interfering.


Damn, that’s all I can say. I mean, I chose the option to use Zaleth’s power, just to see what @Kristina_NRE was talking about. I… I just don’t know how to feel about this… I mean, I honestly thought Zaleth would have taken control long ago, basically as soon as I was done using his powers, that’s what I thought would happen. When he didn’t, I actually started to lower my defenses, thinking that @Kristina_NRE was mistaken or just hit a glitch or something along those lines. I am just in utter shock at what really happened! I don’t hate Zaleth, and I still think Killian deserved what he got, but I am NEVER using Zaleth’s powers again, only because I don’t want to hurt Percy!



You two are so sweet! Yeah, Zaleth waits patiently for the WORST time and then pounces when you least expect it.

The consequence for the second time you use his powers after Chapter 6 will be even worse.


What happened if we use Zaleth’s powers all the time. Will the MC becomes a demon or Zaleth took over our body?

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Completely random question,:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but could you add the ability to save your game in this story, because there are times, where I want to test out a certain option, and see what it will do, without having to start the entire story over again if I don’t like how it goes, you know?:confused:



Zaleth actually doesn’t want to take over your body, because although this would be much better for him in general, it would also be risky. If he possessed you fully, a wizard or demon Hunter could discover and banish him. Since he’s just hijacking you, no one can find or banish him (except maybe Melithar the wizard.) The downside for him is that he has little to no control of you.

Yeah, I definitely plan on adding one eventually.


Also, nothing will happen to your body, but if you use his powers too much, it will end up destroying all your relationships and make everyone view you as a monster because of all the terrible stuff Zaleth makes you do when he’s in control.


Good :slight_smile:

Me will take over the world.


Be my guest! I want to provide so many options that your MC can be whoever you want them to be.


what if I want “upgrade” or put the general store in a better condition and make it the place to go if the people what something.

My Capitalist senses are tingling!!


That’s a good suggestion. I’d like a stat check for that. What stat do you think would apply for that, if any?