Hey everyone, I've got some more illustrations for Trial of the Demon Hunter!

Lol these are pretty well done. That last one looks very interesting, what is she supposed to be?

Thanks. She’s a witch assassin.

Wow there amazing

Thanks! I’m glad you like them

No problem bud

Hey any chance that you could just have the one topic for your images rather than opening a new topic for every set you get? That way you’ll be able to get comments on everything.

And you’re right, the witches do all look like they have different body types.

I like it pity the assasin poison witch look like a fatty green zombie. But the rest are terribly badass

Mara I wouldn’t say she looks fat the other two are taller and thin whereas she is shorter and her body seems more muscles than fat.


I like the drawings but gotta ask does the witch with the mace actually fight with the mace like that or is it just the pose?

Nocturnal_Stillness has to be a pose no assasin use a maze

it´s not stealthy the victim or someone could see you coming

Try to hide a 1 metre long maze, nope

Its a blunt weapon you make noise using it and not precise like a cut in neck… A Maze assassin no way

Sure. And yes indeed.

Thanks, and yes she does.

I suppose she’s supposed to look like that:P dabbling in dark magic does that to you

She does use the mace. You mistakingly believe that assassins have to be stealthy. She’s more of a mercenary, but an assassin nonetheless.

assassin are stealthy mercenaries not so she is a hire mercenary or killer not a assasin. Dark magic don’t make you green if not all necromancer will be easy to kill she is green kill her!! and tons of peole will be persecuting green people XD. But is well drawn

assassing came from a arab secret sect during crusades know from stealth disguise using druggs and rutal eficience, they were so feared that the term assassin enter in all nations participing in crusades to define killers.

But yeah it’s just a pose

Okay, sorry to criticize tiny details again, but the dagger held closest to the witch’s body is not being held by anything. You could justify it by saying that there is enough friction with the (presumably leather) grip on the handle that she doesn’t actually NEED to have a finger on the front and on the back when she’s holding it still, but since she is obviously moving forward, the daggers will be moving as well. That third dagger would not be in her hand- it would be on the ground. It wouldn’t be too hard for your artist to move one finger over ever so slightly to show that her fingers are on opposite sides of the handle just like the others are.

Aside from that, there’s nothing holding the daggers to her bandolier across her chest, but that isn’t uncommon in other artwork I’ve seen. Consequently, I won’t actually say that is “wrong.” A small string of leather around the daggers would not be misplaced, however.

Overall, the pictures are very impressive, and the witches are do not all look like supermodels, a big plus! Your artist is very impressive with these illustrations!

Thanks for the tips, I’ll tell my artist! The first one was supposed to look like a super model, though:P

Maybe you can say that she’s holding the daggers with magic. She’s a witch, after all :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I thought about that, but she specializes in creatimg poisons and boosting her physical strength:P

@Samuel_H_Young Lol, the first one definitely does! She seems to be the seductive, slutty witch! It’s perfectly fine to have one of those! So the top two pictures are warlock and the witch that will switch genders, right? Only one of the first two will actually appear in any one playthrough of the game?