Help with a game


is anybody interested in helping write and code a game i have a idea for it


What is the idea? Curious. I’d help with writing especially to take a break from mythology.


modern day witch hunting your the witch


@vampirekid222 check out the tv series secret circle it’s about a group of witches and warlocks but the main character has dark magic in her blood and maybe it will give some idea but it’s just a suggestion


omg i read the book that what gave me the idea


I liked the show but time warner doesn’t show the cw anymore. I will be looking forward playing your game


would u like to help write it with me


Sure what do you have so far


well i was thinking that you can pick what your person looks like but you have to chose from like maybe 3 different famous witch to be from


I know morgana from camelot tales, circe from dc comics


sarah bishop i think she was the first person killed for being a witch and i like morgana


I did some research

  1. Joan of Arc The teenage French heroine is best remembered for leading the resistance against the British invasion during the Hundred Years War, but died as a witch – at least to the British. She was captured by the Burgundians in 1430 and turned over to the British, who tried her for witchcraft and heresy due to her abnormal and unladylike behavior. She was burned at the stake in 1431.

  2. Petronilla de Meath Petronilla de Meath is recognized as the first person to be burned at the stake for witchcraft in Ireland. She was a maid for Lady Alice Kyteler, who was accused of witchcraft and charged with the crimes of demonism, sorcery and the murder of her husbands. The torture of de Meath was demanded in order to extract a confession, and she admitted to using a magical ointment that enabled her and her mistress to fly. Her death occurred in 1324.

  3. Angela de la Barthe Angela de la Barthe confessed to giving birth to a half-wolf and half-snake creature that fed on human babies who she had stolen. Because of her devilish dealings, she was burned at the stake in Toulouse, France in 1275. She’s the first documented witch to be publically executed.

  4. Maggie Wall A statute near the small village of Dunning, Scotland currently reads “Maggie Wall burnt here 1657 as a Witch.” Nobody knows why she was accused of witchcraft. But given the widespread fear of witches that persisted during her lifetime, it’s not difficult to comprehend that just one small act could have caused this faceless woman to become one of the thousands of women who were executed in Scotland for witchcraft during the 1500s and 1600s.

  5. Catherine Monvoisin Also known as La Voisin, Catherine Monvoisin was a midwife and French sorceress who was a personage in the Affaire des Poisons, in which several members of the aristocracy were executed for witchcraft and poisoning. She was a well-known practitioner of medicine, provider of abortions and maker of love powders and potions, and she served many famous Parisian women. Monvoisin was burned at the stake in 1680.

  6. Janet Brown Janet Brown was accused of meeting with the devil, whose presence was made as a man at the back of the Broomhills. A mark on her arm was said to be left by the devil – likely a birthmark, scar or mole – and she was eventually found guilty of witchcraft and executed in 1648.

  7. Alesoun Balfour Alesoun – or Alison – Balfour was accused of taking part in a plot to murder Orkney Earl Patrick Stewart. His brother, John Stewart, was thought to be behind the plot and his servant, Thomas Paplay, named Alesoun Balfour as an accomplice. After Alesoun, her husband, son and daughter were tortured, she confessed to witchcraft. Her execution occurred in 1594.

  8. Marie Balcoin During the reign of Henry the IV of France, Marie Balcoin was a sorceress from Pays de Labourd who was said to have eaten the ear of a small child in a Sabbatic meeting. As a result of her action and her other witch-like activities, she was burned at the stake – the year it occurred is unknown.


i like 1 3 and 5 but what do u want to go with


Yeah lets go with 1 3 and 5. I was also gonna ask if you want to add pets but later when get the story started


ok that sound great so how should we start it off


Maybe the player character cleaning out ethier the attic or the garage and they stumble on a family chest that they didn’t know was there cause it was covered with stuff on it and at the beginning they choose who their ancestral witch is if they choose joan of arc for example they find a helmet that was ethier cursed or blessed with her power. Let me know what you think if it needs more I’ll add more but this just a short draft


yeah or they fined a sword that she had we need to work in powers and stuff like that


I like the sword.

  1. Joan of Arc-the sword

  2. Angela de la Barthe- Maybe piece of fur or snake

  3. Catherine Monvoisin Also known as La Voisin-something with sorceress item


how about for Angela you find a book that says all who are in my blood line will wear the mark of the snake and you have a birth mark of a snake


Hm, well the whole “your character is famous” thing all depends on what time period you want it set in, and it also allows for history buffs to nitpick everything.

Personally I’m not fond of the idea as it severly reduces the character customization, especially in regards to the protagonist’s personality. Plus it’d make introducing elements of the setting more awkward, I think I’d enjoy my character slowly learning her powers and being introduced into a vast and fantastical underworld. But it’s your game.