The Chateau (A Witch's story) WiP

So I’ve been a bit of a lurker on the choice of games forums for a while now, which would as one would expect, entail reading a lot of the works in progress and just the general discussions about upcoming ideas for games.
I’ve been thinking about drafting my own game for a while now, and since exams are over I see the perfect opportunity to just plunge myself into it and craft a game.

The game that I’ve been thinking of is one which is based in a rural area of England, in a renovated and previously derelict 12th century chateau. The chateau, is a location where Witches (In this world both males and females are referred to as solely Witches) are sent to once their power has been awakened, and the spark has been sensed by the nearest Seer. This power, may be minute or grand, depending on the individual’s bloodline, and latent magical potential. Whilst the majority of Witches sent to the Chateau possess limited abilities, there are occasions where a particularly powerful Witch is revealed. During the individual’s time at the Chateau, they will learn to harness and control their abilities so that they are no longer a risk to others.

-Magic in this world is going to be slightly different to the magic that I’ve seen from my time in the forum. This magic is going to be dangerous, primal and highly addictive, hence why the Chateau’s existence is that of a necessary evil. Even those Witches who can only channel a small amount of magic will feel the rush (and the exhaustion) of using it when so few others are capable of it. Instead of there being visual effects of magic (Lights, sounds, etc), the magic will give off sort of vibration, that only other Witches are capable of sensing. Depending upon the amount of magic being channeled at any given moment, the vibrations will increase, thus allowing another Witch to sense the potency of the spell being cast. Witchcraft is going to be a very general term for the use of magic, but in actual fact there are many forms and variations of it.

  • The first type of magic that all Witches channel is the magic that is in their blood- the magic that they are born with. This is the most primal and archaic form of magic that there is, and is also the most taxing. This is the magic that causes the most fatalities, and the most cases of addiction; this is due to the fact that whilst it is potent, it also drains the user considerably, and there are cases of Witches being completely burnt up from the inside out due to the overuse of this type of magic. “Natural Magic,” as it is commonly called, is most comparable to a muscle- weak at first, but with training can grow in strength. However, the limit to what one is able to achieve with Natural Magic lies in their inherent power, meaning that Witches from weak bloodlines are hardly capable of extraordinary feats unless they rely upon external forces to gain power.

  • The second common type of magic is one that is looked upon highly with ill regard. This so called “Sacrificial Magic”, generates power through the sacrifice of living beings. The amount of magic generated is determined by the being killed, for example the sacrifice of an animal is commonly used in order to give a small boost to one’s magic in order to practise a form of divination called “haruspicy”. Alternatively, if one were to sacrifice a human the power reaped would be much, much higher, able to power up the Witch very significantly, enabling them to cast spells which would require power unattainable by the Witch’s ordinary Natural Magic.
    There are more types of magic that I’ve been thinking of, but I’m going to wait until I’ve actually begun the game before I divulge the rest.

  • The story will based upon a young, sixteen year old Witch who in actual fact has been hidden away, slumbering for the past millennia. Without revealing too much about the plot, the Witch awakens and an enormous surge of magical energy is released, alerting every Seer in a thousand mile radius. Due to the extremely lethal amount of magic being released, the MC is rendered unconscious for almost three weeks, and once they awaken it is revealed that they have been taken to the Chateau for detainment. The story will be partially based upon the MC’s struggle to control the colossal amount of magic that has been accruing for the past thousand years, and learning the various different types of spells and rituals that are central to a Witch’s life.
    -The second part of the story will be the MC’s endeavor to evade the Witch hunter’s, an elite group dedicated to purging and eliminating every Witch that they are able to find. It is revealed later on however, that the MC is a Witch in particular of whom the Hunter’s have taken a particular interest in…

---- Update - 23/06/16
Okay so the part of the demo that I’m at is currently the MC waking up from a millennial slumber, and them not knowing anything of the new age that they now find them self in. I want to try and come to a 100% conclusion before progressing, and I’m currently trying to decide upon a single idea.
The main idea that I’ve been thinking of:
Set in an alternative reality to this modern day era, one where the technology and advanced weapons aren’t as advanced as they are in this universe. It’s WWIII, and currently the war is at an impasse. All of the different countries fight on equal ground, with a similar amount of troops and similarly advanced technology.
The British Government have secret information about many persons of interest-all Witches of different power levels. These Witches have been taken into containment in the Chateau, under the pretense that they need to control the powers so that they are able to no longer be a danger to society. In reality, the detained Witches will learn to control their power yes, but will be used as superweapons to turn the tide of the war. However, Britain aren’t the only nation with information about such persons, the Witches of the “Chateau,” will be forced to fight against other Witches of different allegiance, and will have to try and both magically protect Britain against foreign Witches, and also fight against them. According to Britain’s Seers, France is the only other country with knowledge of the existence of Witches, thus they are the main enemy. Their knowledge of Witches has persisted since the time of William the Conqueror, who came to Britain with the knowledge and then built upon it. Upon his death, the information regarding Witches was passed along the royal line until the sovereignty became obsolete, with the information then being passed upon to the highest ranking officials of the Government.
When tensions began to rise between the nations, Britain began to start recapturing the Witches with the intentions of them being able to turn the tide of the war in Britain’s favour. The MC will be an extremely powerful pawn in the overall result of the War.

At the minute I’ve no idea how to actually work the choice of games script, so it’ll probably take me a while to fully get the hang of it, but I will get there. I would really appreciate any feedback/help that could be offered! I will most likely have a demo released very soon, I hope you enjoy it:)
Demo below-feedback would be greatly appreciated:)


This seems like a very interesting concept and I can’t wait for the demo to come out!


It sounds like an awesome concept and I’m sure it’ll be exciting Why Chateau in an English setting though? Is there a connection to the French, or are they just being pretentious?

There’s various guides around the forum to help with learning choicescript which I’m sure someone else will grab the links to and share.


Haha well that was going to revealed later on, but you’ll find that the Chateau is actually not the only one of its kind, and the entire concept of the whole “Keeping Witches under wraps” idea actually originated in France, during the Enlightenment period and then spread to many other countries in order to try and purge the world of the “Witch menace”.


Are you using witch as a gender nuetral term or is the game going to be gender locked?

Apparently it’s gender neutral, which gives me hope we’ll be able to play as a male witch.


You will indeed be able to choose between either gender:)


This sounds interesting. Since magic is addicting, it would make more sense to me that magic be just avoided. The chateau sounds like it’s going to be a rehab center for people with addictions they can’t quit cold turkey like eating disorders. That would be an interesting perspective dealing with all the addicts and the addiction vs. Control stat. I hope you do research on real life addiction and rehabilitation for people addicted to things they need to live like food and items (hoarders) and other things.

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This sounds like an amazing concept o can’t wait to see more of it

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Historically, the word witch has had a highly negative connotation, often used as a synonym for the word hag, and traditionally in modern english a male witch was called a warlock instead. I find it interesting that some pagan groups have worked hard to reclaim the word witch and give it a more positive connotation while simultaneously insisting that the negative connotation of the word warlock be maintained. The idea of playing a male “witch” is not something I’m particularly crazy about however. I much prefer the words mage, wizard, sorcerer, and even the much disparaged warlock. I’d also take the old english wiċċa or the more recently popularized witcher over the baggage that goes with the word witch. That may just be me however.


i don’t really see a problem with it either way. I feel as though the terms witch and warlock are something that you can both use, since they are both very similar. Although sorcerer ,mage, even the word wizard can be taken in a variety of ways. It can be very confusing for some people is what I’'m trying to say. I might just be picky :sweat_smile:


This is something along the lines of which I was thinking. See outwardly, the Chateau’s appearance and mythology is very much more of a school rather than anything else sorts, whereas the Witches that attend will see it far differently than it is described in the old folkloric tales…
Yeah, I’m currently studying pyschology and one of my favourite areas that we’ve covered is addictions, rehabilitation and the negative impact that they not only have biologically, but mentally on the people around you.

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I’m with you. Calling a man with sorcery skills a “witch” has always been a pet peeve of mine. Still think that the game has potential, though.


Through choosing solely one term for each gender of the beings that are capable of manipulating the world through magic and ritual, it cuts out all discrimination amongst the Wiccan comunity. Alternatively, in the game this aspect will be be compared and contrasted with the injustice and inequality that is experienced in a human society.

However I will take it into consideration.

You can go with a historical: Druid for male witch… Personally, I find it charming that guys are called witches… maybe make them: hedge witches… like the SyFy show The Magicians call all untrained magic using people - male and female.


Druid works well for a male witch too. :smiley_cat:

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Couldn’t disagree more. Mage or wizard or warlock or whatnot, they all sound sexist in my opinion. Like…why is the word “witch” to be used only in women? A nurse is a nurse despite the sex, a cop is a cop despite the sex, a teacher is a teacher despite the sex, and so on, so on, so on…Again, this is simply my way of thinking, what do I know.
@Liam I’m really looking forward for this.


Strange. You consider Mage sexist but Witch isn’t? Despite recent attempts to rehabilitate the word witch, IMHO the word witch has far more sexist baggage than the word mage.

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Only if you don’t float on water or burn at a stake.