The Chateau (A Witch's story) WiP

I’ve never heard the word mage used as a slur to attack either sex, and it’s often used in a gender-neutral fashion. OTOH I’ve often heard the word witch used to attack women, as a way to attack their physical appearance, their age, and/or their personality. And outside of certain modern pagan groups attempting to reclaim the word, it’s pretty rare to hear men referred to as witches.

Wiccans have always called men and women witches. The Wiccan group I know tells me this anyways, because I questioned a few of them on their beliefs. This group has been around for at least 10 years.

With regards to the story that @Liam seems to be building, “witch” to describe any magic using person seems appropriate to me.

On the other hand, mass market does not know Wiccan practices so unless there is a primer in the game explaining the terms, objections like yours might be comon and quite distracting to @Liam. Which is why I suggested Druid/Witch combo.

Honestly, it all depends on the execution and delivery of the story whether “Witch” works or not. It did work in that SyFy show I mentioned which is mainstream t.v.


Hmm, so long as I get to have ah… a little unbridled fun with my little big uh, magic… I’m game. :sunglasses:

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Wicca as it’s currently practiced only goes back about seventy years. Before Gerald Gardner founded modern Wicca he was already calling himself a Druid and an Occultist.

Modern Wicca’s nature-oriented goddess worship has become increasingly popular among feminists over the past few decades as an alternative to the dominant patriarchal faiths. So it’s no surprise that modern Wiccans have adopted the traditionally feminine term “witch” for both sexes. Interestingly enough, the word Wicca itself is derived from the old English term for a male witch or sorcerer. The feminine form of the word was Wicce.


“Hedge witch” was used to label the untrained however. It doesn’t sound like they were the stars of the show.

In this universe, “Witch”, is simply the label given to any being that is capable of using magic to power spells and rituals. There will be a separate label given to those who try to evade induction by the Chateau, but I’ve yet to think of a name. Within the game I will probably write a codex of some sorts to inform the readers of the in-game universe.

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I like the word Witch for everyone. The sort of magic you described with the use of blood and primal magic, that’s dangerous, is frequently called witchcraft in the rpg games I play. I think Witch gives the right sort of feel.

I’m surprised you’re not using a French term though, since The Chateau!


So far I’m getting a strong Victorian vibe from the description provided. I personally don’t strongly care about what the correct terminology for male witches are, just so long as the story gets its message across.

I know you’ve talked about the types of magic, @Liam, but I’m curious as to what spells will be available to learn, and whether they’re all dangerous to use or only “certain” spells. It’d be neat if the MC witch would be able to learn some cool spells that even other witches wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole.

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So like obviously Witches would have access to simple powers that don’t necessarily require an incantation nor a ritual, such as telekinesis, pyrokinesis and other such abilities. Yeah, as the MC will have access to colossal amounts of power, they’ll be able to cast and partake in spells that even other potent Witches would be unable to cast.

All these discussions about the proper term for a male magic user,and here I am fidgeting while waiting for the demo to be released :sweat:

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You had me at witches! I like the fact that in this magic will be addicting and have a mind of its own, its how I normally view magic . . . or perhaps I just play Dragon Age too much. Anyway great idea, very well thought out. I can’t wait for the demo!

I’m fidgeting right beside you buddy. At the moment I could be called a hag and not care, I just wanna play.


So, you said we’ve been sleeping for a millenia, gaining power the whole time. Exactly how powerful are we talking anyway? Are you only talking about powerful on the level of Dragonborn or Gandalf, or are we going with the same level of power as some one truly powerful… Such as Tim the Enchanter.


well with the word druid we must also keep in mind that some saw druids as healers not practitioners of magic. Although there are instances were druids have been spoken of practicing magic it mostly had to do with nature and things of that sort. So using the word might close off some options for that character. just something to keep in mind

lol I’m with you both, although i do enjoy discussing this sort of things because i don’t have the chance to do so in my daily life


Heh, my friends and family leave me alone when I talk about that stuff, they say I become a whole new person.

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Will there be other (nonbinary) gender options?

At this stage I will have only written Male, female and an “Unspecified” option. It’s possible that I will have changed it by the time that the game is released. :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Now I’m even more excited!

Exactly, when I think of a Druid I think of a more earthy and wise person, which isn’t really how the Witches in the game will be portrayed.

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I’m not really 100% about who those people are, but the MC will be a Witch who will awaken with a power like the world has never seen…


All I need is the possibility to take over the world and I’m fine.