Magical Academy (story idea)


I have an idea for a story I’d like to start making into a game here. I’ve been looking over the ChoiceScript stuff and am pretty sure I’ve got my head wrapped around most of it, but I’d like to know if anyone thinks the story idea I have in mind is any good before I actually start writing it.

Before I go any further, though, I should probably introduce myself. My pen name is Shadou Fireborn, and I have several (unfinished/in progress) works up at My most recent work I feel I’ve written myself into a corner and am having a hard time progressing, and am probably going to end up rewriting the whole story. But that’s off the relevant topic here. I consider myself an author (whether or not anyone else does), and am a native English speaker with several college level English courses behind me. Additionally, I have a passing familiarity with several programming languages, and most of an Associates in Computer Science, Software Engineering. I’m currently working shitty jobs while trying to finish that Associates.

Here’s the pitch:

You’re a normal young man/woman, from a normal world set in modern day Earth, who through nearly impossible circumstance was the recipient of a Wish. Your wish? “I wish to change the world”.

This wish ripped you out of your cozy reality, thrusting you into a world of magic and possibility. A fantasy world, where magical girls and power rangers (among other things) are commonplace. And there, you find yourself enrolled in an academy for aspiring Magical Champions, people with the power to change their worlds, for better or worse. With the training you will receive, you will have the power to effect dramatic change in your world, simply by proving one simple thing: Magic is Real.

But not all is as it seems. How was anyone able to grant a magical wish to a mundane from what had been a magically dead world? Who could be so powerful as to achieve such a feat? And what dark forces could have been alerted to your world’s existence, and even now plan to cause chaos and destruction in a world that could not possibly contain any threats to them?

An even more important question: Will you battle those forces… or join them?


It sounds really interesting!


I’d play that in a heartbeat.


Really interesting you had me at magical girl:yum:.


I’ll join them :smiling_imp:


Let’s do this! Any idea when a possible demo will be ready?


Seems like a really similar idea to the Of the Sun and Of the Moon game but if you add something to differentiate your game from it, I say go for it.


I would love to play this :smiley:


The description definitely has me interested. It’s absolutely the kind of game I would check out.


Regardless of how I feel about both your pen name and the idea is solid. Then again the idea of a magic academy intrigued me since Dragon Age: Origins. Way Walkers doesn’t really scratch that damnable itch!


I’d read that. Sounds like a good idea


It sounds like an awesome idea, although seems like it would have a quite a lot of NPC’s and inventory items, so I think it’d be helpful to limit the amount of people, because the more objects you have, the easier it is to lose track of them. And be prepared, no matter how original it is someone’s going to say it’s another rip-off of Harry Potter😃


Leave your shitty work and go ahead to make your dreams come true!):grinning: Wishing you well)


Haha. Yeah, I know, I don’t have the most interesting or original of pen names. I picked it back when I was not far out of high school and thought it was ‘cool’. Even though I know better now, I still just can’t be bothered to change it. [quote=“Malimet, post:13, topic:13517”]
Leave your shitty work and go ahead to make your dreams come true!
I really wish I could. My shitty jobs pay the bills, at least, and it’s foolhardy at best to leave work behind when you haven’t found any to replace it.


Basically my username except I choose it back when I was 12 and can’t really think of anything less shit. I wonder for how many people that is the case :joy:


Oh god, I can’t even imagine what pen name I would be stuck with now if my 12 year old self had chosen it. That was back when I was still on ADHD and antidepressive meds, before some bright guidance councilor finally got it into his head to take me off all the shit I was taking and see how I acted after I’d cleaned up for a while. I’d probably have some angry, depressed, or suicidal sounding name like ‘hateyouall’ or ‘justkillmenow’ if I’d picked a pen name for myself anytime before around age 17.

PSA: medicating kids doesn’t always help. I’m a great object lesson for that.

Anyway, this story is still a jumble of half-formed ideas right now, but it looks like there’s a good few people that think the idea is solid, so I’ll start fleshing it out some. I’m thinking something princess maker-like, with a story that reveals itself as time goes on. Perhaps dividing time into class time and social time; you get to choose which classes to take to raise whatever stats, and then have social time that you can choose where to hang out or who to hang out with, or just study. The story would unfold over time through events that happen at periodic intervals. I’ve got a few ideas on how to code such a system, though I still need to poke around with the choicescript some more to see if they actually work.


Hmm… I take it from the sudden lack of any response that a princess maker style game is not what anyone was expecting? Help me out here: good idea, bad idea?


I’ve not played princess maker so I don’t know what you’re alluding to there.


Great. Now you made me feel old. :confused:


I’m 34 if that helps? :smiley: