Help with a game


i like your idea we will talk about it but if you have more ideas pleas share them


Alrighty, I have an idea for an opening, the protagonist starts out fleeing for his/her life from a cabal of witch hunters, in which he/she flashes back to certain aspects of his/her life that allow for player customization for stats while also showing his/her lack of knowledge of his/her potential abilities that led to the attempt on his/her life. Something like an unusual affinity with plants or healings, or fires reacting strongly around him/her, something that most people would just view as odd, but the witch hunters would view as suspicious.

The protagonist then escapes by being given a disguise and a hiding spot by a mentor character whose purpose is to allow for the knowledge of witchcraft to be passed on to those with the ability, and who introduces the protagonist to the fantastical world of the underground witchcraft community.

Or something.


@13ventrm like ur idea using the flashback would work without reducing the character stats and customization


ok good how about the main person is in the park by a tree and the plants just start growing around them and a witch hunter is thier and spots this and then goes to see what it is


Well first you have to figure out what time period you want it in. I’m not too fond of that idea as it’s far too obvious and would imply that nature magic’s the only magic the protagonist has an affinity for. But then again that all depends on what stats you want to have, like how many stats regarding magic there will be and how many regular stats.


what time period would you like to see well im thinking of haveing the person pick some were to go and then were they pick to go influence what magic they have


It’s your game, you gotta make some decisions yourself, what setting would you think your ideas and writing style would work best in?


well i like modern time setting and would you like to help us write the game the more the marry-er :slight_smile:


Ooh I get to have a substantial amount of creative input? Count me in. Just know when to reject my ideas if they get stupid, for as fantastic as I am I’m still quite fallible. Especially since I have absolutely no idea how to program and my attempts to learn have been disastrous.

Anyways, I think a modern setting would allow for some neat ideas and an interesting take on things. But a historical setting would allow for the fantastical elements to be introduced more easily.

So do you have any solid ideas in regards to plot? Right now you just seem rather hazy. What tone are you going for? What type of plot? Have any character ideas? A title?


no not yet that way i was looking for help but i do have a idea for one of the mages that will help teach you


Alrighty, all you have is a vague idea and you wanted assistance in fleshing it out and developing it?


yeah and it would be fun to do and make people happy


I would be more than happy to help with the coding. Tomorrow, once I have more time, I can help with the plot, if you so wish. A good question to ask early on with regards to the plot would be: “what do you want the main character to do with their newfound power?”

I can say I am more than interested :slight_smile:


Sounds like a pretty solid game, I’d love to play it:) Joan of Arc is baus.


well it didnt not work out any new people want to help


I would love to help with the writing.


well i was thinking of makeing it diffrent


I also need a coder


@MaraJade would you want to help?


Help to what? Mara is lost too many post same time