A Familiar Magic:- Game concept for later use

Hi All.

This topic is just so I can get some thoughts down on an idea I’ve had that doesn’t fit into UnNatural. So I’m sticking this here for later use.

Also because I want to tease everyone with the concept (which I’m quite pleased with).

Witches exist, women with access to magic (three variations, ember, grass and river) and use familiars to help use magic without straining their bodies (pure magic has a draining effect on the body so they use familiars as a bridge between them which helps relieve the strain).

Now onto twist number one; Familiars are actually former witches- specifically rogue witches who have broken one of the seven laws of witchcraft. their souls are turned into familiars and their true body is sent to work mindlessly in a mine under the witches circle of power. They are kept in this form for upto 25 years and is reserved for witches who are spared execution.

But it gets better, twist number two; The MC of this story is a familiar themselves, getting to choose which of the seven laws they’ve broken as well as the witch they are currently serving. Throughout the game the MC has to help guide the new witch in her decisions as she travels with her actions building up a synergy between witch and familiar which when at its maximum point allows the familiar to regain her witch form for upto an hour and then has to build back up.

There thats the basics, enjoy the tease, now back to writing unnatural :wink:


This sounds great! Looking forward to seeing it at some point!