Humanity's Darkest Secret (W.I.P)

(I have no idea how to start this off, so I apologise beforehand for the awkwardness.)

Hello, I’m Spoxy and I wanted to inform you all of a project I’m working on. At the moment I’m still typing up the story, and I’ve been messing around on choice script to learn the mechanics.

Idea: You are born into a life of secrecy and fear. For it is 1138 AC in your homeland of Elgalonn, and you are of the forbidden Magi Race. If being burnt at the stake off of paranoid suspicion wasn’t bad enough, your family is barely worthy of the title peasant. (Three different origin stories.)

Through your Mother/Father’s Grimoire, the true history of Earth is revealed to you, and it is nothing like the creation story taught by the Chantry.

In this adventure you’ll meet several other characters of different abilities and covens. Philosophy will also come into play as you choose between saving humanity or forsaking them. And if you are sensitive to conflicts involving religion this may not be the game for you. Sorry.

Creationist- First piece of the Beginners soul. Involves Destruction, Rehabilitation, and Creation. (The Body)
Elementai- Second piece of the Beginners soul. Involves Survival, Peace, and Unity. (The Soul)
Cerebrotor- Last piece of the Beginners soul. Involves Divine Awareness, Manipulation, and Higher Knowledge.
(The Mind)

This story is loosely based off of the Salem Witch trials, but takes place during another reality set in Medieval times. Unfortunately there won’t be a demo out for some time, but I’d be glad to answer any questions. I know I’m not the best at explaining things. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this. :blush:

12/12/16 Update
I’ve figured out how to work dashingdon, so hopefully the link works this time.
*I’ve written the first two pages
*The first choice has been implemented
*The stats screen is available, yet not complete
Thank you for your patience! If you could, I’d be so grateful to receive constructive criticism.

Teaser has been uploaded. I’m not sure if the link will work, so I apologise for the inconvenience. However, I would really appreciate feedback on the stats menu. I’ve been trying to improve the layout/options but I’m having some difficulty. I wanted to have multiple pages with Personality stats, Skills, Relationship bars, and Inventory. And I guess this is somewhat of an interest check as well. Thanks for your support!


Is the use of the ‘chantry’ allowed? I mean that’s what the religious order in the dragon age games is called.

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It seems interesting! The whole covens idea is what catches my eye, I’m interested to see how you implement that.

The chantry is an actual real place and what not, so dragon age doesn’t technically own it. It’s like the word templars, more than one game has used it so they don’t own it or have copyright to it.


Thanks for clearing that up for me :sweat_smile: I was just worried since dragon age was the only place I’ve ever heard it being used.

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It sounds really interesting

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I think it should be ok to use chantry. I just didn’t want to reuse the bland church idea to describe everything. But if it becomes an issue I’ll just research another synonym. Thank you for the concern though!

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Thank you so much @ToxicDreams! I’m very excited to start the project, and your support really helps. So far I’ve a few ideas on how the player can choose their coven, but nothing’s decided yet.

Sorry to be a bother, but I was wondering if anyone had advice on coming up with names. I’ve had a look at some fantasy name generators, but I really want to create something unique and memorable.

It’s a bit to early in the game to actually be of any help, since I really don’t see where it is going just yet. But there’s nothing wrong with not being confident on a title just yet, it’s actually normal I think.

I also like what you have so far, especially the last part where we choose our origins I’m guessing. I’m really curious as what the choices will lead to. I would suggest taking a look at your intro though, personally I had to reread it a few times because some parts struck me as odd.

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The Salem Witch Trials are very weird American thing that was brought up by the Puritans being an alien land and trying to preserve their purity.

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Sorry about that. I do struggle with description, and adding too many unnecessary words. Thanks for the honest advice though. I’ll try to work on adding more to the intro, and origins.