Questions about getting started and story ideas

Hello, I’m recently new here (just joined yesterday I believe) and was just wondering if anyone could offer advise. I’ve been reading CoG content since around last year, but just these past few weeks have been thinking of starting up my own project. However, I’m scared my idea has been over used to where it will no longer be considered unique and interesting. (The topic containing to medieval witchcraft/Salem Witch Trials ect.) Then there’s also the fact that I’m very self-conscious with my writing, and in the past have deleted whole pieces of work. Any one know good tips to help with writing confidence + turning cliché ideas unique?

Thank you for any help you can offer.


Welcome to the community.

I think your idea is wonderful. There are other stories about witches but they will be different then yours and most never get completed; so what I’m trying to tell you is go for it - if nothing else, your unique writing will make the story interesting.

@FairyGodfeather wrote a thread with links for those just starting. I’ll edit the link in if someone doesn’t ninja me and provide it before I get it.

We all destroy stuff we write. Heck, 100 people can tell me I write well but I always think my stuff is worse then baby-scrawl.

My advice is work on an introduction piece or exploratory chapter - see how that goes and go forward from there. Most demos are between 10,000 words and 20,000, just to give you an idea.

NINJAED! Master List: Links for Beginners


Because it’s your idea means that it is unique and interesting! Don’t stress it. I don’t think there’s even any games published like that yes.

I’m self conscious of my writing too. Accept that whatever you write will be a first draft. Most authors work on their first drafts, polish them up, make them better. On this forum you’ll have lots of people desperate to play your game, providing feedback. That should help some.

Don’t delete your work! You can’t polish it if nothing is there.


Thank you @FairyGodfeather :hugging:


Thank you so much! And I’ll definitely look over the links you provided. I guess I never really thought about how successful authors sometimes get worried about their work too… But again, thanks, I really appreciate the help.


One of the great things about these forums is you can see games in their first drafts. You can see the start of them and how they progress and change with feedback and then eventually become published.


Welcome @Spoxy! I am new here as well, and in the same boat as you :slight_smile: It’s a little scary to dive in and I can understand how you are feeling. I also have this niggling voice in my head every time I have an idea: oh it’s been done before, it won’t be good enough, etc. But whenever I feel that way I remember how many successful stories boil down to similar themes and formulas. (

Not to say we shouldn’t try to break from the cliches + hero’s journey, but there is always room in the world for a good yarn no matter how unique or formulaic it is. Maybe the most important thing right now is to write something that you find interesting, and would enjoy playing. Tell the story you want to read. A project can be a big undertaking so it’s important to have fun. Then once that is done, I imagine play-testing will give you the perspectives you need to revise and edit. Also, I don’t think I have seen a saturation of witchcraft stories here or in mainstream media recently :slight_smile:

Not sure if that helped, but good luck! Hope to see your first draft soon!

(Haha and I should go and take my own advice too)


You’re not alone, I think it’s a bit of an artist temperament thing :sweat_smile:
I can personally attest to the stacks of partially written stories and pieces of artwork hidden from view, cluttering my draws and the depths of my computer…it happens. Many people I know don’t even realise I enjoy writing, they’ve never seen it. It’s kind of subjective, what one person will like, another won’t and letting others see something you’ve a lot of work into in that vein is hard, particularly if you are uncertain in your ability.

But this forum is very friendly on the whole. Put together a short WIP, (don’t delete it :slight_smile: ) and ask for some feedback. You can always re-draft it as you go along.


It does not matter if your idea has been done before. All that matters is how you use those ideas and weave them into the story. Trust me your not the first person who made this exact same post on here.


I think this about my writing all the time (fantasy fiction). As other people have said here, it’s your influence that will make the subject unique - your writing style, your characters and so forth. The way I like to think of it is that something doesn’t have to be “original” to be good. Familiar plots, topics and themes can be redone badly, but they can also be redone well. This is a pretty good explanation of what I mean:
I myself love games and stories centered around a particular strong genre or theme - I love the atmosphere of it. Medieval witchcraft sounds great in my opinion!

Oh, yes. Again, I have exactly the same problem - sometimes I don’t even get things written down before I begin to criticize them! I’ve even just caught myself fretting over how to write this post! Sometimes you just have to decide to go with something, even if your mind keeps telling you it’s awful. I l know how frustrating it can be trying to think of the right word or phrase to use, but sometimes if you carry on or write what you can, it will come to you later and you can go back and tweak things.
Good luck with your writing!


So, currently, I currently have two WiPs and have run into a block for one of them.
The last post on inspiration was awhile ago, and is closed now.
Where do you guys get your inspiration if you don’t mind me asking?

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  • Catharsis :pensive:
  • Recognition :smirk:
  • Fame and fortune :sunglasses:
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Stuffing my brain full of books and movies and webcomics, then letting it simmer until something interesting fall out of the mix. Sometimes in dreams.

And for some reason, playing Sims seems to spark a lot of new story ideas for me. :thinking:


By reading cool concepts get butchered and going “fuck it” I’ll make my own story.

With black jack.

And hookers.

And that’s how my first story was born.

First off, Heck yeah, join the witch writers club! We’re needlessly spooky and love angst. But are overall a pretty nice hang, if I do say so myself. Second, I think that part of what turns a cliche idea unique is the characters you create. Because they are the ones who carry the story, and if you don’t take a while to think of them and the part they play (not just as a plot device but as a person existing in this work you’ve created), it’s gonna be difficult to craft an engaging story.

In terms of beholding up your confidence, you have to just, put the story out there. First, with friends and family, show them, ask opinions, have them help edit. And then put it out in the forums. Regardless of what happens afterwards, there’s always gonna be someone who likes what you’re putting out and who wants to talk about it!

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