Trial of the Demon Hunter summary and also looking for someone to program it for me!

I would love for someone to program my interactive novel for me on choice script. This way I would have much more time for the actual writing and it would put less stress on me.

You are a demon hunter who, along with your boggart (your shape shifting companion), are pursuing a demon who destroyed your town. Though you do not have magic of your own, you are very strong for a human and possess a wide array of materials and weapons that help you in your battles against the dark. As your journey progresses, you and your boggart are forced to face stronger and stronger enemies: finally leading up to the confrontation with the demon. Here, you learn that the battles have really been “trials” in order for the demon to decide if you are a strong enough vessel for him to possess! Will you make it out alive, defeat the demon, or end up as a mere vessel for him in your world? You decide.

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