Searching for a game

It’s been a long time since I played so the info I provide may be incorrect or vague. I think that the protagonist was gender locked female and it was either high fantasy or low fantasy. If there was a gender choice I played as female who’s origins were the main mystery of the game. She just kept wandering around the city and meeting with paths galore. Once you chose a path to explore, there was no going back, and you were set on the story. I remember there was a choice to go and hide somewhere and you met some witches who were rude and they were about to do some ritual which included demons. You chose one of the three possible demons to summon and if you answered his/her given question right they gave you a gift which would affect the story later on. Like, it was such a specific scene someone has to remember it. There was some sort of necklace on the MC’s neck who kinda messing with her energy or some shit. You could also choose to go to a church and meet a priest who was afraid of this vampire that slept inside. That’s all I can remember. I can’t even remember the author, how popular it was or when was it last posted. I hope it’s still up somewhere on this forum.

It sound like ‘Trial of Demon hunter’? I’m not sure. The description you gave almost as same as the story but also a bit different.

No that’s not it. This game wasn’t light hearted nor a comedy.

The game is “The slayer of evil”


Yea i think so too.

Yay, it is. Thanks.