Sabers of infinity


Hey I bought sabers of infinity awhile ago
and i never finished it but I want to know other people’s thoughts because it might motivate me to try it once again

( this isn’t to hurt the feelings of who wrote this (in case people gave bad things to say about this) I won’t be sad or mad if no one gives there thoughts here I just want to know if I should try it :frowning: X( ( none of these faces I will not feel)


It’s definitely in my top two. The writing is amazing, the characters have personality, the choices matter, and it’s pretty long.


Is their romance? :-/


Nope. Nor is there gender choice.


Awwww (knew there was no gender choice though) Mmmm :(( (sad face) (still thinking of playing it though)

Do you have a enteral enemy? :-??


Hey off-topic how do you get a picture before your name?


A what?

You get to see the cover art before reading, if that’s what you mean.


I guess

The cover art before your name


Okay if you don’t know

Also I’m going to try the game because of your good praises

(If anyone else wants to say something about the game feel free to.) \m/


If you mean the icon, you change that in your profile settings.
Truth be told I need to change mine.


It’s my top game, and while there is no romance in the first game it is a 5 game series and I believe that romances will start in the second game. Also I don’t know if he’s your eternal enemy per say but I would Lord Khorobrit would be the most powerful enemy you have right now and looks to be present in at least one of the sequels.


Thanks for icon information

And thanks for saying its a 5 games series



I played it before it was a hosted game and loved it well what was there at the time lol