Fatehaven- questions and answers!

Alright, so I played Fatehaven yesterday and finished the demo. Today I finished the whole game. I just wanted to say that this is one of my favorite Interactive Novel Games. It was amazing. Kinda mind-fucked in the end, but meh. So, I saw that there were no Fatehaven topics and was like “A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do” and bam there it is. So, I wanted to ask a few questions that might help more people to get to know the game:

  1. What interactions are needed to get one of the four different elements: Water. Earth, Fire, Air?
  2. Which romantic interest did you choose: Bregan, Silvanus or Patch? (I only played the attracted to males-woman version and choose Silvanus)
  3. If you choose another romance, does that affect the deaths of the others?
    I’m looking forward to other fantasy/magic games. Feel free to ask any other questions! :3

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I romanced Silvanus, too, to me the game just seemed more cohesive that way.

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And what sort of element were you playing with? No matter what I did I always ended up with water (once with Earth)

For Wind i believe it is carefree? I’ve been wind,earth and water but never fire? I romanced Bregan,:stuck_out_tongue:

There has been some discussion over here since the game was released.

Hey :slight_smile: I wanted to know if any of you managed to play with fire?
I keep ending up with water…What options do you have to choose to end up with something different?

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I ended up playing with fire, you have to have more in emotional than in logic. I also romanced Silvanus. I want to go back and try the other two though

My first complited path: Fire, Silvana, Brigit Alive, Patch (Lilianna) dead.World saved.
But my ‘real’ element - Earth.
Maybe there is a way to make al stats on 50% and recieve secret element ‘ethir’ or ‘void’ or something? o_o

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Hey guys, sorry to necro this thread, but I just had to confirm, there are only 3 love interests (Brigid, Silvana/Maeben and Patch/Lilian) right? How many endings are there, and is there any way to save patch and the other faerie girl? Also, are there really secret elements, and how do I unlock it? Thanks guys!

I mostly played with Eath (I think its power that matters), but played with water too.
First, I closed the game after I saw how many statusbars were affected by one choice. But I played it thought, and begun to like it. Even when the ending is a bit… you know.

I saw that the last question isn’t answered yet, so I have to bring up an answer and a question at the same time:
If you choose an other romance, it doesn’t affect the dead person ( I once whent with Silvana and once with patch).
My problem is that I really like patch the most of all the choices, and now I want to know if there is a happy end witch patch and a hint how i could achieve it?

How do you get water?

nvm, water is logic.

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Whic are the six endings? And there is a final where on choose two girls amd after you finally meet silvana you can stay with her or not if you choose another or the world is it destroyed by meteor

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Whic are the six endings?[/quote]

This was explained in another thread as I recall, so you might’ve looked around for answers a bit more :stuck_out_tongue: . But well, there’s three characters you can get romantically involved with so that accounts for three endings. The fourth ending is the one where you do not get romantically involved with any of the three. And then the last two are ‘bad endings’, one being the ending where you kill your childhood friend and the other one being the one where you fall prey for that elf’s feminine viles…

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@RyseAbove This is a Q&A thread, not a WIP thread, so it’s not a problem. The WIP threads are the only things you aren’t allowed to necro.

AHHH okay tysm for telling me that. I’m still a newbie to the forums

I got Patch, in the ending I heal silvana’s leg which leads to me taking both silvana and brigit to the capital. There I go the organisation which patch and all those belong to, there I warn the gnome that the fairy woman needs his help and of course patch threatens me. It skips foreword to a bar scene after which it says patch and I took over the organisation and I made it a kingdom-wide organisation and patch starts up a kind of scholarship for catfolk-servants to get out. Not sure which choices you should take to get to this point but almost sertain you have to say patch that you love him before you go to the tower where you encounter silvana. sorry I couldn’t give you more info i played the game over a couple days. Oh also my element was water, not sure if that helps.

My element was air (carefree) and definetly incredibly power. I literally burst a mans lungs which was awesome. Everyone lived and I warned the gnome with a line from a rhyme. I didnt take part in the war, Lilian and I became lovers and ran the mercenary house to its fullest extent…the end

I reached a point in the game where Patch died, Bregan stayed behind and Silvanus confessed to have traied my character countless times throughout the years.
She then reincarnated, and as the story began I got different choices such as “Shut up” and “They all die in the end”.
At that point, the story shifted to the conclusion, were my character stayed with Silvanus, he confessed that he’s tried to educate her father in the dark magic but failed.
The world was saved, she gained property and title of Royal Magician, Silvanus opened an ‘academy for magical arts’, the war was over and they lived happily ever after.
Renown reached to 17-18.
Corruption 0%.
Element was Earth.

Uhh…so it’s my first time playing.I am troubled.
What are these renown and corrupt stuff?How do they effect the outcome?
I’m currently in my first playthrough and my character is getting corrupted (lol).
I’ve already seen enough spoilers so don’t hold back when answering.