But we didn’t see all the other countless failed attempts.


If I remember correctly, it was only 5(6?) times. But I could be wrong. Unless the numbers are different depending on the playthrough.

A groundhog day Choice Of would be hilarious lol.

I think Silvanus meant 5 times they reached that particular scenario’s ending at the top of the tower.

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I doubt the numbers are different; the choices effect almost nothing.

It would have been interesting if the game had allowed you to die, only to send you back to the beginning, and either take different options or maybe allow the PC to not screw up this time even with making the right choices, would have been a nice bit of foreshadowing for the ending.

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@Bergioyn, @MarvelousMatty, @Havenstone, @Xhandas_Antonidas, @Kness, @jcury
Thanks guys, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

@Sidholun, @Drini7
Welcome to the forums, and thank you for the enthusiasm that brought you here. Check out some of the WiPs around when you get the time!

That is an epic in-depth review! Just from counting the paragraphs I know that the story has had a large effect on you. I am so glad to know that the story will always hold a place in your heart! This means I’ve succeeded in what I set out to do.

I had always designed Fatehaven to be more of a personalized novel then a gamebook, which I realize is different then what many of the core-group of forum frequenters are used to. But it is because of its focus on narrative that players are able to build the attachments necessary for drama like Patch’s to be so meaningful. And I think this focus is what makes it a more memorable tale then most, even if it lacks much replayability after the second or third go-round.

This is a different school of thought for choose-your-own-adventures but holds a lot of appeal for those who want to sink themselves into a narrative moreso then a game. Highest renown is 23 by the way!

The dragon at the start of the story is likely a fictional story/dream for the MC. It’s important to realize just how mentally messed up our protagonist is–he/she has thoughts in second person perspective! The primary purpose of the dragon is to provide a teaser of action for the reader to help draw them in. The bandit attack on the village doesn’t happen until over a half-an-hour into the story, and I was worried some readers might not have that sort of patience. Hope that helps!

Good to hear that! I definitely wasn’t trying to offend anyone, but I also wanted elements of the medieval setting to remain intact. As far as anime goes, Record of Lodoss War and Rune Soldier are some terrific fantasy-genre ones!

There are two ways the game causes you to die: choking out Brigid/Bregan (must be Emotional for this option), and using your magic on the succubus/incubus if you didn’t get an advantage (Powerful vs Sly challenge) in the previous option. I know more deaths would have played into the ending better, but with Fatehaven’s length for what it is I was worried that readers would get pissed if they died 2+ hours into it!

Fatehaven is the first game that has ever made me register just to say how awesome it is. Worth the money, worth the time, simply fascinating!

The female version of Silvanus- Silvana.
I think? :smiley:

Keyword, “almost.” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

what do you mean by almost?

Well, I thought you were responding to my previous comment. Otherwise, I don’t really know what you’re talking about. xD

“Who was the damsel in distress in the beginning?”
srsly? @Samuel_H_Young

Oh, yeah. Still getting used to the new forum so I didn’t see that you were replying to that specific comment.

@Samuel_H_Young no problem dude :smiley: :slight_smile:

Hey is there artwork for the characters out?

Well. Found, bought, and finished in the same day. And while there were some things I didn’t like, most just personal preference, I felt I had to give my thanks to the author. I sincerely doubt I’ll be forgetting this one any time soon.

Now to find what Patch looked like again, and probably fail at drawing her. Or him. Or both. That genderswap thing makes it kinda hard to draw characters. Oh well.

So what are all of the possible endings? I believe there are supposed to be six. I completed the game and was able to stop the disaster, happy to find out that I could still be with Patch.
Oh and on a side note I loved the way the end (or at least the ending i read) was written. I got very sad when i saw the prologue come back around but was very amused of the option to sass the narrator by telling it (or me rather) to “Shut up”
This was my absolute favorite Hosted Game and i hope for more like it. Keep up the good work!

First off, @HornHeadFan said most of what I wanted to say in his post, so I will add my own experience of it.

First, I did find it rather jarring to be taken out of the ‘end of the demo’, to which point I was quite into the story. I wanted to be back there with Bregan, not ‘later as some bar, being drunk-ish’ with this at that time unknown cat-person, later Patch – who by the way increasingly seemed to take mean jabs at me, to the point where I did not even consider any relationship with him beyond work. I did feel sad when he went into the corner and died, however, because while I may not have enjoyed his barbs I did not wish him any harm either, hoping he had the kind of impressive healing abilities as big cats do in our world. :cry:

I did feel increasingly railroaded, often having no choice in action or even how I (my character) reacted or her emotions. At a couple of occasions I felt downright uncomfortable (similar to @poison_mara) and nearly stopped playing, with my character having near opposite view on things (then and after). A warning would have been nice.

Overall it was enjoyable enough, but I doubt I will play it again due to its linear nature and, seemingly, lack of impact of choices (unlike some other linear games that I played many times due to choices having more impact, at least seemingly).

I did die once and had to start over from scratch – that was rather tedious, to be honest, and I merely skimmed, repeating my choices until I reached that same point again so I could pick the other choice.

Also, sometimes I had no idea what my character said or not (not counting the scene in the dungeon). That could have been made clearer.

I must say, the style of the demo was superior to the rest, after that I felt less connected (and even taken out of the story as mentioned above). Write more like that and it will be great.

As @HornHeadFan said, I woulld love to see a game with more meaningful choices (player agency, oh, I got to remember that one!) made by you and in the end I do not regret buying Fatehaven. :smile:

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I really liked this game even if the choices were really few. The story is entertaining and great job by the author.

Overall loved the game. I have minor issues here and there with the story and I found like one or two typos still in it, but overall its a great game and I like it. :smile:

@MultipleChoice Is it possible to get full corruption in this game? The highest I recall getting is like 70-80%. Also what’s the highest renown you’re capable of getting? I got 20 on my first playthrough, which is the highest I’ve gotten so far (with like 5 playthroughs XD)

But yes thank you for creating this game ^^ Loved it lots