Fatehaven has been released! The dream has been made—and available on these following platforms!


Chrome Web Store:

Google Play:

Please feel free to discuss, give feedback, and shout spoilers!

I want to thank you personally for being here and taking an interest in my story. I enjoyed writing this, but your enthusiasm, your support, and your words make me enjoy it even more. Reviews on the app stores are appreciated and mean a lot to me!

And if Fatehaven has brought you here to this site, I want to especially thank you for making the trip. Please make yourself at home and check out all the other cool stuff folks have in the works—there’s a ton of interactive fiction to enjoy around here!


Congratulations! I +1’d it on Google + and left a 5 star rating on Android. I’m also going to make a post about it on the Hosted Games Facebook page whenever it appears on CoG’s website.

Since you’re now a HG author, would you like for me to add you to our chat?

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@Samuel_H_Young Awesome, I really appreciate it! I just like’d the Hosted Games page on facebook, and am honored to be a part of the club!

Awesome :slight_smile: thanks. I’ll add you to the chat shortly.

When is it going to be released on the Chrome Web store? Also, not that it matters much I’m just curious, what is the average length of a play through?

Congratulations! I just bought Fatehaven and +1’d it on Google+! I will be rating on the Google Play platform once I finish it all.
Don’t get to worried about my rating though, it’s most likely going to be a 500/5! :slight_smile:
I also happen to love the look of the app! (The picture) It has to be my favorite by far out of any of the CoG or HG apps. It’s pure perfection. Did you create it yourself?
Anyways, LoL (lots of love) and I hope the sells and ratings are amazing. But, most of all, I hope everyone has fun playing something you created! You go MultipleChoice! :slight_smile:

@flowersloveoranges The author said around 4 hours I believe! :slight_smile:

It’s out in the UK App Store. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/fatehaven/id903688024?mt=8



Oh okay! Thank you very much! Now the waiting game begins. (^_^)

@flowersloveoranges Average length of a playthrough is slightly over four hours.

@zachinglis Thank you for buying it! That icon looks crappy with a transparent background however…I’ll try getting that fixed asap!

When will it be out in the US Apple store if you know too?

I’m so excited :smiley:

@ricepatrick182 My guess is that it’ll be out at midnight here in the US! :-bd

Argh xD there you go again. What’s the average word count :P?

Now all In the meantime of waiting I’m going to drink a can of Pepsi and read a fanfic :-B

Be back at midnight :!! :smiley:

@Samuel_H_Young Average word count of a single playthrough? No idea, is there any easy way to calculate that kind of thing?

@ricepatrick182 Didn’t know they made pepsi with lemons! :wink:

Download the new CS files and run 1 seed on the random test and it should give you the average!

It came out yeaaaaaa 8-X

Its out on the Apple appstore now, and I just downloaded it without a second though. Expect a 5/5 from me very soon. Unless it turns out that the latter 3/4th of the game was written by gerbils or something.

You may want to adjust that transparent background thing soon though.

Just bought it on the Apple store!! Can’t wait to play.

Hmm…it’s still rather confusing to me when other characters respond to my unspoken thoughts.

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Congrats! Waiting on it to release to the Chrome store.