New Hosted Game! "Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two" by Mishka Jenkins

Hosted Games has a new game for you to play!

Under the lights of the carnival, will romance and adventure bloom anew? The quiet town of Wayhaven is once again the center of supernatural occurrences.

It’s 30% off until May 14th!

Along with the job comes Unit Bravo, the team you are learning to live with on a more permanent basis. And with one of them comes the continuation of feelings that were just beginning to be explored…
But an altogether different presence is rolling into Wayhaven, cloaked in striped tents, blazing lights, and clouds of cotton candy.

Immerse yourself in Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two, a 788,000-word continuation of your supernatural story, where you can grow the romance you began, meet old and new characters, decide how to handle the new situations you’re thrown into, and experience the thrill of the outcomes of those decisions—as well as what they may bring in the future!

• Play as female, male, or non-binary; play as straight, gay, or bisexual.
• Continue your unique and lasting romance with one of the four vampires of Unit Bravo.
• Build on your character by deciding key factors in their development.
• Grow and define friendships and relationships from Book One, as well as those introduced in Book Two.
• Will you gain a new ally, make peace, or turn against the new supernatural situation that has arisen?
• Enjoy the freedom of a playstyle which suits you, whether through personality, stats, or choices.
• Immerse yourself in a world rich with characters, story, lore, and—most importantly—fun!

The Carnival has arrived. Prepare for the ride.

Mishka developed this game using ChoiceScript , a simple programming language for writing multiple-choice interactive novels like these. Writing games with ChoiceScript is easy and fun, even for authors with no programming experience. Write your own game and Hosted Games will publish it for you , giving you a share of the revenue your game produces.


Aw yiss, time to lose my whole month (life?) to this game.


Dead. I’m dead. Well, there goes any of my free time to work on my own project lol!


Congratulations on the release @Seraphinite!! Can’t wait to delved into Book 2!


Congratulations even if I won’t buy it or play this game at all. I know how important is for the company so I wish that have the success th first volume had. Congratulations to The fans too, and hope they get their money worth. I will skip all of them and buy the only one that matters for me personally.


Congratulations on releasing, Sera! This is going to make the lockdown much more bearable :smiley:

Time to gather snacks, nice drinks and a comfortable place to sit, because I am not going to move in a loooooong time hehe.


Oh yeah! Finally! Super excited and can’t wait to get back to Mason! :heart:


I’m coming Ava! Wait for me!


Congrats on the release! I’ve picked up a copy already, can’t wait to dive in after work in a few hours! :heart_eyes:


Congratulations, @Seraphinite!!

Unit Bravo, here I go!



Long have I waited…
Congratulations on release!!!

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Congrats on what has to be the most anticipated sequel release this side of SoH 4!


I am going to replay this so many times its ridiculous.


Hell yeah!!!

Just did my first playthrough with A. So many mysteries! And such a slow burn. Already excited for book 3.


Finally finished my 1st playthrough with the triangle, in the end when the option to start a relationship, do I have to avoid it in order to keep the triangle or does it keep going even if I kiss N?


Me too. Eager for book 3 to come out faster hahhaha


This was worth the wait! Congratulations!!

polite cough

So, here is the review. I have been editing it for almost the whole week and I hope it turned out to be interesting and informative; and not too dry, as it happens with my writing from time to time.

If I have forgotten to write about something important or you disagree with some parts, please, be free to write me a comment or a mesage here/in Steam. I will be happy to read any feedback :kissing_heart:

Regarding the release itself: huge gratz to Sera for her awesome work and dedication! You made my day, week, month and year :sparkling_heart: The second book turned out to be even more engaging and breathtaking than the first one. And I’m very happy that no obstacles stopped it from being released on time. Can’t wait for the next book and even more of my beloved Unit Bravo (OK, fine, even more of my beloved love triangle angst…).