The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (Discussion)

Somewhere for you guys to discuss the events of Book Two!

Please use spoiler tags and be considerate <3

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Congratulations Sera!!! I hope that everyone enjoys the story with as much fervor as you put in effort in creating it. :heart:


Congratulations Sera!!! I am already a few hours in LOL!! And I am loving it so much!! :heart_eyes:

Spoilers for Mason below!! Do not read if you haven’t played his route yet!!!

First, that scene on the House of Mirrors and his past, who hurt him?! Who hurt M?! I felt so bad for him and he doesn’t even remember!!

Second, we can have sex with him already?! :flushed: I… I wasn’t expecting that at all but I am not complaining :flushed:

And aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

That rooftop scene!!! MY HEART!!! :sob: The Detective calms his hypersensitivity oh my gosh :sob:

Miss Sera!!! That scene was so beautiful!! I really really love every part of it, it’s so soft!! This scene is truly doing something to me :sob:


Congratulations Sera! Can’t wait to read Book 2. Something to help me get by the busy week!


Wow, congratulations on the release! Two years of fervent anticipation spent well… Looking forward to binge-reading this during quarantine.


thanks for releasing the game
time to finally enjoy the confinment

Congrats on the release!!! I’m going to play this so many times :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Already having a blast with the story!

I’m taking far too much enjoyment out of repeatedly telling Manson ‘Noo’. :rofl:

Its really good!!! The Ava and Nat route is just so tantalizing…choosing one other than the other just freaking hurts!!!


Can I already start sharing all my conspiracy theories about our detective/future books or should I wait for several more days before starting to scare people? :joy: I have TONS of ideas, each more and more outlandish.


I see no issue with sharing. Just put them under spoilers so it doesn’t unintentionally ruin something for anyone. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oooh, sweet! Then I’ll spend some time collecting my thoughts into a normal text and then share them here. I am extremely curious what other people think about several options and scenes.

BIG SPOILER! A short version: I think our detective has either an evil sister or an evil aunt who is the leader of the rebels/rogues. And according to my second theory, detective’s father might be actually alive.


Speculation, but also potentially huge spoiler:

I think it’s an aunt as well, since it says she died before our dad did. If she didn’t die but got transformed into something else, that would track. I don’t know about our dad being alive though. I feel like Rebecca would never have stood for not having proof of death, although maybe she’s too trusting of the Agency.


Holy freaking hells that was awesome!! Only played Mason’s route so far but I am happily choking all over my words. Mason… fuck that was hot! EXCELLENT job, @Seraphinite!! I have to go replay Mason’s route before moving onto the others. :heart_eyes:


Oh, and I’ve got a big question either to Sera or to people who know every nook and cranny of the first book (or might have encountered this scene in Book 2 already): I checked the code for one of my saves while in Book 2 (I wanted to find point connected with Falk) and I noticed a very surprising thing - “bobkiss” variable. So we can actually kiss Bobby at some point???

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The answer to your question is yes.


I DID NOT expect so much Elidor !
I am so happy right now! Thank you, thank you,THANK YOU SO MUCH! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


…Now I won’t go to sleep until I find out how…

Welp, books 1 and 2, get ready for several more thorough playthroughs!

Could you give me one hint, though? Can it happen if my detective is in a relationship with somebody from Unit Bravo?


I didn’t expect so much of him either, or that my grumpy ass detective would be so buddy buddy with him, but I love it.

I also didn’t expect to actually like the supposed bad guy. Dezh hit it off with him, for some reason

Another surprise… did you know your detective can get above 80% intimidating?? LOL!


Yes!! I totally agree with the aunt thing! I am honestly 99% sure that she is the leader of the rogues that keeps getting mentioned during the game. I don’t think our dad is alive, but I am super sure of our dad’s sister being a supernatural. And I even wonder if she had something to do with the dad’s death…