Fatehaven- questions and answers!

Well,I don’t know how it changes the ending but corruption is amazing lol
MC went insane.He goes around killing people.Fascinating…

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I played thia game at least 4 times but i just kept on getting Bridget ans Patch as ROs. How do you get Sylvana?

My first successful path where I didn’t die from accidental choice when I didn’t mean to… (Also messed around alot at the prologue but what my element and romance choices and my personality were the same on my first time and my serious play through)
Element: Air
Romance: Silvana
All romance choices alive
World: saved
Fate: denied…
Renown: 19
Sly sauve logical and recorcful leader who was 50/50 carefree and vigilant.

Man, I have played almost all choice based rpg games but this one was :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:

He has to die in this timeline.

If anyone who haven’t tried fatehaven yet the requirements for the elements are


I did on my first try and that’s the one I wanted lol. I dont know why poeple say its hard to get

So how do I get rid of corruption or avoid it? Because I’m not that far into the game and I’m already at 30%, like dknt get me wrong I absolutely LOVE a evil MC I just wanna know if getting rid of corruption or avoiding it is an option

P.S. no clue is this is related but I’m a fire element btw

One don’t have sex with elf bite her lips
Two don’t do anything that is bad or rude
Three I think during a party you are invited there is something there that increases it but just try to avoid it if you can
but in the end I don’t think being corrupt will change anything and 30% is the max you can get

Will there be e sequel of fatehaven, I just love the story and one of my fav of all time in CoG and HG, I just felt sad that it ended very soon…