Fatehaven confused

Can some explain the ending of fatehaven? Why was silvana working with kaine? Was she evil? And why did she disguise herself as maeben? And was Maeben’s father actually silvana’s father?


You should put a spoiler warning in there.

Ok sorry I’m new to the forum

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Well, quick answer: You mean the ending? Or simply another beginning? :wink: She was working with him to start/end a war… Either accept her as she is, or don’t. No idea. Probably not.

…Most likely this will leave you more confused… If so, your learning!

It’s been a really long time since i’ve played the game so my answer may not be entirely correct (dont even remember the name “maeben” :slight_smile: )

But from what i remember Silvana/us created a time loop to stop the armageddon. They dont have enough power themselves, but you (the player) do. So they tried to train you and shape your life so you get powerful enough to stop the meteor. If you didnt get powerful enough they just reset the loop. To do that they thought they need to put you through harsh experiences, like murdering your village and family and overal making your life hell. In our playthrough we finaly get powerful enough to actualy remember past life when the loop restarts.
So was Sylvana/us evil is something you must decide yourself, if their plan to stop meteor justifies putting you through hell and breaking your psyche.


Yeah, I didn’t understand the whole Silvanus/Maeben thing either. Are they the same person? It seems that is. But why Silvanus create a new “body” then, if the real one is the one we rescue? Just for us to not know he is a elf? Would it make a difference?

Fatehaven? Now there’s a name I’ve not heard in a long time.

I remember the ending being confusing. It smacked of a half-finished work. Like the author went in expecting to write out a grand story, but got bored halfway through and just ended up wanting to wrap things up as quickly as possible.

Disappointing really, I really liked it until the “rush” started.


I feel the same, I really liked the beginning.

I agree, it started off really good and the ending was just awful. Undoing everything your character had just been through with time travel was like a punch in the gut.

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Fatehaven was the first Choice of Games title I ever bought, so it’s got a special place in my heart, but compared to the depth and complexity of recent titles it doesn’t hold up too well. I actually loved the concept of Silvanus’/Silvana’s time loop dilemma, but there were a lot of unanswered questions.

For example, the ‘lichblood’ experiments - were they real, or just part of the story around Maeben? And if they did happen, then why? Presumably it was with Silvanus’ permission, so does he really have weird toxic blood that he was letting the Cossack Order torture prisoners with, for some reason? Conia did seem to have a vial of something that didn’t agree with her…

I got the impression that although Silvanus puts forward a calm, sophisticated persona most of the time, there’s a whole vat of crazy bubbling away underneath, and Maeben was a manifestation of that. I mean, his situation is that he’s the only person in the world capable of stopping an apocalypse, because all the other mages have been hunted to extinction by zealots who don’t even realise there’s a problem now. But he’s got the wrong type of magic, so all he can do is train up another mage from scratch, and point them at the meteor. And he does this with a bunch of people, but it keeps failing. So he’s rewinding time over and over again, trying different things. Then he meets MC, falls in love, and in some iterations is in a relationship with them…but they’re not going to reach their full potential living a happy, peaceful life. So he has to start lying, and manipulating, and setting up scenarios to torment them. Twisting them into all sorts of roles, going so far as to kill them himself, being forgotten each time, and knowing it’s damaging their soul (presumably his soul too, since he’s the one working the spell, and he wasn’t off to a great start anyway with the whole lich thing). In some iterations they don’t love him back, because hey there’s two other ROs in the game, and even if they do love him, he feels guilty since they can’t understand how he’s been hurting them. And that’s been his life for years, probably decades. Enough to send anyone a bit deranged (but it’s a fascinating thing to build a character around, and I wish there had been more in-depth discussion of it after the big reveal).

Bearing all that in mind, I don’t know if the Maeben persona was purely ‘ohoho I am such a clever actor, let’s stage this event to test MC’s resolve and see how their abilities are shaping up’ or if there was also an element of cracking under pressure and saying/doing ridiculous things because ‘to hell with it, who even am I anymore, if this is going to be failure #127 then I’ll at least have some fun scaring churchgoers and being the world’s most horrible overbearing flirt’.

TL;DR Maybe Maeben happened because Silvanus hasn’t got it together as much as he wants everyone to think.

But that’s just my interpretation, since I have the brain of a fanfiction writer and like to overthink stuff in a way that creates maximum drama, haha.


Great analysis.