Fatehaven confused


Can some explain the ending of fatehaven? Why was silvana working with kaine? Was she evil? And why did she disguise herself as maeben? And was Maeben’s father actually silvana’s father?


You should put a spoiler warning in there.


Ok sorry I’m new to the forum


Well, quick answer: You mean the ending? Or simply another beginning? :wink: She was working with him to start/end a war… Either accept her as she is, or don’t. No idea. Probably not.

…Most likely this will leave you more confused… If so, your learning!


It’s been a really long time since i’ve played the game so my answer may not be entirely correct (dont even remember the name “maeben” :slight_smile: )

But from what i remember Silvana/us created a time loop to stop the armageddon. They dont have enough power themselves, but you (the player) do. So they tried to train you and shape your life so you get powerful enough to stop the meteor. If you didnt get powerful enough they just reset the loop. To do that they thought they need to put you through harsh experiences, like murdering your village and family and overal making your life hell. In our playthrough we finaly get powerful enough to actualy remember past life when the loop restarts.
So was Sylvana/us evil is something you must decide yourself, if their plan to stop meteor justifies putting you through hell and breaking your psyche.