Is there a way to save this character? (Fatehaven Spoilers!)


Is there a way to save Patch at all? Or is his/her situation unsolvable?


He ded.

No, really, you can’t save him.


Yup just play to the end and learn to live with the pain.


In the, “Original.” Timeline? No. They’ll be fine in the 2nd loop though.


Tag ur spoilers dude


Oh come on we were all trying to keep that secret so as not to spoil it for them


I thought they were asking as someone who completed the game, sorry.

I’ll blur it out though, what’s the command?


The tag is [spoiler] [ /spoiler]


You can also edit your post, highlight everything, and click the gear icon on the toolbar. Then click Blur Spoiler. It will automatically add the code for you.


I think you should expect for there to be spoilers in hint threads. @God_of_Demonz was just answering the question asked.

To make spoilers surround the spoiler with [spoiler] [/spoiler]

For example [spoiler] Super spoiler text here [/spoiler] will read as Super spoiler text here

Or you can use details

[details=the summary]blablabla[/details]

gives you

the summary


Or use the cog.

  1. Highlight the spoiler text.
  2. Click the cog
  3. Click blur spoiler


How do you get to the second timeline? Or loop?


By paying the game until the end.



Until the end? How do you find the loop? What choice do you have to make?


Nothing. Just play dude. It’s not that hard, after the scene on the roof “near the end” you are sent to the begining, that’s the second loop.


They’ve spoiled the end of the game for you anyway, and you seem terribly confused, and FG says it’s alright to spoil on these threads, so I’ll just tell you: he dies, but at the end of the game you reset the timeline to a better world, so he’s alive again.