Help on magikiras

Hey can anyone help me with Morgan? Can you save them at the end or what? I romanced Morgan at the beginning and want to know if I can save them.

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If you picked Pirates/Terrorists as the bigger threat early on in the game, Morgan can be saved and you can have a happy ending. If you picked the Shadow Fiends being the bigger threat, there’s no saving Morgan. You can help them regain their humanity in the end, but they’ll die. If you don’t kill them, they becomes a puppet controlled by the Major.


So we can’t really save Morgan? Morgan must die? That’s a bit sad.

Only if you picked the Fiends as your enemy. Morgan can survive if you pick the Pirates/Terrorists.

Yes, I meant that only. Your previous post made it obvious that you can save Morgan if you chose Pirates as the enemy.

But another strange thing is that you’re expected to choose your enemy without having any idea of the consequences. Why was that done?

P.S. Are my comments too spoilery, and should I make them spoilers?

I also Romanced Morgan and in the end, ended up getting a chip in her brain which the people in the game refer to as a “slave” and I believe that to be it, I don’t know if you can save her?