Magikiras Bug at the ending

Everything was fine until I reached the ending and this happened:

Major told everyone about the new team, Karin and Lara were there grumbling about it.
Then the scene cut to Morgan’s romance.
Then it goes to Luiz saying Karin died to save Morrigan (but Karin was at the meeting).
At the bar I tried to call Morgar, but the game said she wasnt around anymore and my character fought her (but he actually saved her).

After that I stopped playing

Is it a known bug?

I know that there were a number of bugs that were not caught during Beta testing due to Magikiras’ size. Thanks for the heads-up.

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Yep. Same here. It was so annoying, I love Morgan and Kerin and then I end up with them being dead.

I think I caught that bug already. I’m guessing it wasn’t caught because most of my beta testers knew how to bypass the final puzzle so no one died since I was handing out the solutions earlier during the demo phase.

So…is there anything I can do? I played it again and ended with just Morgan being dead… and yet after the Mayor meeting I had a scene with her. And I was at her monument in the next one. Pleeeease I need Morgan to be all right

At the moment, I’m simply compiling as many bugs and errors possible before sending the corrections. I will say this however: if it reads like Morgan is dead at the end of Chapter 11, then Morgan is dead.

It says “there is no pulse”…But…why? I mean, I didn’t fight her or anything, I focused on talking her down so I wouldn’t hurt her, although I did used magic on her but she was fine! I know you shouldn’t but…would you tell me how to get her back without her dying? Pleeeeease? I played it 3 times over and every time I get the same…Did I say please?

Yep, you can get her back by playing nonmagical being

Well, have you tried to do it one more time since several days passed?