Morgan Endgame (Vampire Regent)

Hello! I don’t know if I’m doing this right since my first question, the one I posted was so wrong when it comes to format, but anyways I was wondering if anyone can help me save Morgan from getting killed after I got kidnapped ? Is there an ending where Morgan doesn’t die when they tried to save the MC? Please help me :pleading_face: #vampireregent


The fastest way to start looking for it would be to check out the game’s coding, I haven’t played this one personally so I’m not the best source to ask. I’m not familiar with using steam, but if you are using mobile all you have to do is download an apk to access the txt files to see if it is possible for Morgan to survive.


The easiest way would be to recruit Morgan to the strike team going to the other base, so that he can’t show up where you are because he’s too busy kicking ass somewhere else.

You can also get through the whole scene without being detected by the hunters, or manage to kill them all on your own. There are various ways to deal with the heist, depending on your bloodkin and your previous choices.


thanks for the awesome information.

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