Magikiras input text question


But where could such a location be? You think for a moment longer before your thoughts rest on…

Whats the answer in magikiras?


If I remember correctly it would be “musuem”.


There’s two text input location. What @Latraytray said, and “Shopping Mall”.


Im more confused over the bomb puzzle and if there’s a way to save my love interest from the shadows control so she doesn’t die


You can never save Morgan from the shadow control. The only way to save her is to choose the option when your on the train that you see a guy in black military gear, don’t choose the the shadow person one, so she gets taken from them instead. That’s the only way to save her in the end. The shadow control ending she can never be saved only in the pirate one.


There is one way to keep him/her alive, though I don’t think it’s can be called “alive” you can just capture Morgan, and then one of your parent who in military will keep Morgan as some kind of puppet. Not sure how though, I don’t want to pursue that path, I know because someone mentioned it before.