Magikiras romance

I bought the game and am just wondering what characters are you able to start a relationship with?

Also are your parents lesbians? It doesn’t really matter but I thought I heard something about my father who I thought was the Major but is referred to as she/her is the Major supposed to be a man or a woman?

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The gender of the parents is decided by you. So every combination is possible, including them being a lesbian couple.

RO are Morgan, Larry/Lara and Samar. (In short characters you are not related to and who’s gender you can chose)

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Thanks but I don’t remember setting there genders all I remember is saying my mother meets me at the train station

The parent at the train station is the non-military one.
When you arrive at your parents’ home, you will choose the Major gender when you look at your parents’ picture.

That’s were you chose the gender of the none military parent. The parent who is part of the military is called the major most of the time. I think you set their gender when looking at a picture of them.

EDIT: @Urban was faster than me.

Thanks I didn’t know that was an option big help :slight_smile: I wish Altug was ro character though shes my fav :slight_smile:

And do you need to raise a certain stat to romance certain characters?

Not for Morgan or Larry/Lara I think. Samar eventually because you need to go out of your way to spend time with them, but I’m not sure if you need one specific stat to do that or if it’s enough to have one stat high enough or magic to bypass the skill check.

Edit: After looking at it, it seems that at least during the president mission, if you want to contact Samar you need some pretty high device skills.

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To this day i have no idea how to romance Morgan… Then again i don’t think i can play Magikira’s anymore. It’s been a year since i last played it think… Wow.

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But that romance is the best one :scream:
The short version is to rush things (that’s what it feels like to me anyway) and kiss him/her at the end of the capture the flag exercise.


Really? I thought Morgan was the easiest option. Just have a crush on them and then kiss them. Romance locked. Or don’t kiss them but do well during the train mission to get the oppertunity to ask them out.

Wow i suck, but yeah i think i avoided romancing her thinking i can manage to like finally confess and stuff… Like when she turned evil i kinda knew i was out of any chance of romancing her since it said nothing about the mc having feelings for her and that he was hiding it from his superiors Anyway i screwed up XD

Sometimes playing hard to get is not the succesful way to seduce someone…honestly it mostly isn’t. Many people are pretty dense when it comes to romance.

It would have been pretty cool to read a flash back on the Altrugh Balogh relationship that was hinted at

Really now? Morgan’s the best romance? Wonder how many people must be hating me for what I did in the end of one enemy route :sweat_smile::innocent::smiling_imp:


What did you do!?

Also i didn’t play hard to get, i played a freaking coward.

By the by: Karin, Balogh and Luiz are also RO(?). I am not sure if this is a spoiler or not so I will just tag it as such to be safe. While Karin flat out tells you that she just wants to be friends (and I think that she will only do so if you tell her to grow a spine), she will also be okay with spending the night with you. Balogh will tell you that you are too young for him, but he too will be okay with spending the night with you (it is not as clear as with Karin if this is just a one night stand or if this is something more). Luiz is a bit more ambiguous because while Karin and Balogh are both like “yeah okay let’s do the do” it seems more up to the player if the moments between Luiz and the MC are of romantic nature or not.

No, they arent. Only Morgan, Samar and Lara/Larry are romanceable.

Okay? I wasn’t sure if they are RO or not but I am pretty sure that I made out with Balogh and that Karin told me that it was alright to spend the night with her

@Urban @Chinya The official romances are Morgan, Larry and Samar. If you don’t pick any of these, there will be one moment at the very end where you can have one encounter with one of your other team-mates. That’s pretty about all there is with the others, honestly. I didn’t really want the others to be romanced since a) Ami and Jax are an official couple, b) Balogh thinks you’re too young and has some issues, c) Karin is generally in love with Morgan and d) Luiz is an ace. There were plenty of people who didn’t like this however and I decided to just add a little something in the end. It’s not a real romance but it’s something for those who still want something with these characters. In all cases, it’s just a one night thing only as far as I am concerned. If the readers want to think otherwise, so be it.