Fatehaven- How to save a certain character at the start?


How to save Silvana?

How the hell do you do it cos I’ve restarted the game around 40 times and can’t find a way…


Thanks for the edit, I completely forgot about spoilers ;-;


What happens for you? Each time I played through I had no problem with that :confused:


It’s always the same.
When the dude in the black robe questions where I’ve been and walks off I picked both options to wake up the family or pick my dagger up (always been the weapon of choice) and whether I should go into Complete Focus or not. No matter the combo, she has her neck snapped and it always says “You… You couldn’t. You couldn’t save Silvana.” And something about me being a commonor who thought he was high and mighty because I knew magic ._.


Yeah, I have trouble saving patch because he keeps dying at the end where the characters battle at the end and he always gets shot or stabbed in the stomach and I can never save him which makes me depressed :crying_cat_face:.


I got so aggravated as well because there’s no damn save option, so in order for me to try something new out on the same page I had go through another 5 minutes of the same options which annoyed me ._.


I’m rushing through it right now since its been a while, honestly my big thing was always making sure that everything I did was for her, but I can’t remember right before saving her


Ok, so is this Kaine that is breaking your neck?


If so then Don’t fight him


Not my neck and I’m not sure. Someone breaks her neck. I read that part of the story really quickly so the details have left me.


I never even got the option to fight him :o

All I want to know is where I went wrong in saving Silvana. I’m wondering if weapon choice affects the outcome of her survival or not because when I always pick Dagger as my weapon of choice Sly increases and so does Loner, so maybe that plays a part in my confidence or something to save Silvana?


I just did a quick play through and when you get inside I deal with the first 2 baddies and I end up in the tower with her and Kaine, I don’t fight him and then it progresses from there. There is no requirement for weapon and you’ll know when you don’t have enough of a stat because it will say fail after you make a choice


Could you tell me what you do from the start in order to save her because I have no idea where I could have gone wrong then.

And I’m trying to play this as closely related to myself IRL as possible but this intro bit is just taking the piss. A weak, sly but confident teenage male can risk his life and end up saving this person if he puts his mind to it, but apparently that doesn’t apply to my character because he is a weakling ¬ .¬


The only thing that I can think of that might impact this is your relationship or your renown, I mean I literally just breezed through it without reading anything but the choices and I got a happy end :confused: My whole mission in that game was to save her and marry her


We need to ask the author, where they at?


I think you got confused.

I’m on about the start of the game, Chapter 4 I think.

Like literally, just after you go into Ultimate Zen-mode and destroy your nearby environment, Brigid attacks Silvana and you choose how to handle her, I always calm her down. Then you head home, two people in black robes are there. One talks to you, you say where you’ve been (star-gazing because I can fix anything that goes wrong if I don’t have the stat level) and then the Orc female drags him outside.

Something happens, you need to do something, raider gets into your house, you shank him up like a good ol’ prisoner but that’s after you fail to save Silvana.


This is a very confusing conversation, but I did write Fatehaven and I’d like to help.

It is impossible to save Silvana/Silvanus early on in the story. This is important because her/his rescue is the primary objective for our hero. Though, as we learn later in the story (if we read more than just the choices) there is more to the elf’s kidnapping then meets the eye.

Hope that clarifies things!


Is there any way to save Patch when he gets struck down when trying to defend you?


Spoilers for the ending: there’s no way to save Patch, but since the timeline resets, Patch is alive for each ending regardless of your love interest. Her/His death is good for the drama, though!


Well that’s helped a ton, thanks.

The whole reason I got worried was because my doofus of a character said that he couldn’t save her and that he then pictured her neck snapping which kind of killed me inside quite a bit ;-;