Trying to find a game, need help

Ok. This game had a demo out about maybe 2 weeks ago tops. Its like you’re going to a magic school and it begins with you in front of either a woman in the stars or a man kinda like satan? You chose which one to follow, then you wake up and get to chose your appearance. There is also some sort of photo that you can look at where you flashback to you and a friend hiding from some sort of troops or police and you eventually get either found or kidnapped and you are at this place now.

An old man answers the door and you have the options of being respectful or having a jokester attitude. I think he asks why were you late to wake up? I’m not sure. After he leaves, you can visit other rooms and meet your dormmates and ask them to either meet for breakfast or meet later (in the week i guess) it ends before you can get to breakfast however. Everyone has their own form of magic you can’t choose yours yet though.

If someone can help me out of this one, I would greatly appreciate it!! I usually bookmark all the WiP’s I’m interested in but I ran out for the day :worried: and subsequently forgot about it.

Thanks for checking this out to help me!

I guess you are finding keepers wip.

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