Looking for a very specific non-CoG game!

Hi! First time posting here, if I forgot a tag or didn’t format properly please let me know!

Anyway, Ive been looking for a non-CoG game for the past few hours that I found in the forums here somewhere last year.

I remember there was something about the MC being royalty due to their golden eyes, and much of the time in the first act was spent finding a wizard who would recognise the eyes.

I’m afraid I don’t remember much more other than that, my memory’s a bit fuzzy, I just wanted to check if the story has been updated (it’s a WiP I think!) since I absolutely loved it.

If anyone has any info or even a link, that would be amazing!!

Thank you! :slight_smile:

I think it could be A Tale of Crowns. Here’s the link:

A Tale of Crowns by cherry


It is! Thanks heaps!