Does this game i remember playing even exists? If so, does any one know the name?


Hey, so I’ve been searching like crazy for this one game i’m (pretty sure) I’ve played. My memories are fuzzy, but I’m pretty sure that MC was a human in the future, you were in a prison, either a robot or an alien, I’m not sure, rescues you, but humans are wary of them. You also have a team to lead? Does anyone knows what game this is or if i just imagined all of this?


I think your talking about Reckless Space Pirates!

Here’s a Link!


As soon as i posted this i found the game! It’s a demo here in the forum for a game called Syntethic Wasteland! Played the demo some months ago and only now found it again after 2 months searching for it! Thanks for replying anyway!


Oh! I’m glad you found it!