The Galactic Four (WIP)


Hi everyone just wanted to throw out my latest WIP Galactic 4. Galactic 4 is a story of the 4 most dangerous and awesome space bandits in the known universe. You play as a rookie space bandit. Your goal is to find and steal the most ancient artifact known to aliens/man/woman kind before the other bandits do but first you must get into the most epic fight scenes and meet the baddest bandits ever. I expect this game to be 400,000-500,000 words. So as of right now the game is being coded. So yay!!!. But as a person who loves games to be updated frequently starting after the game is coded and posted it shall be updated every Friday 7:00 pm eastern time on the dot.
Demo is scheduled for 8/1/16


I’d suggest renaming it to The Galactic Four otherwise people are going to assume it’s a sequel.


Gonna go with the GodFeather, here. I went looking for Galactic 1-3 when I saw this post.

I like multi-part titles. The continuity stuff is fun.

I was sad.


Thanks @FairyGodfeather and @Blackknight64


Of course. Are you planning to toss a link up as far as the WIP itself, or are you just teasing us with the premise? This sounds like a pretty fun concept on the whole.


I’d add a “The” in too just to kill any possible ambiguity.

I do know there’s Fantastic 4, Babylon 5, Ridiculous 6, Blake’s 7, Hateful 8, Deep Space 9, but I think best people don’t get confused


Of course I’m planning to put up a link but I can’t do it now because it’s being coded as we speak and plus why not build up some HYPE


Now this sounds like a wip I can get behind


Can we be an alien? Or are we human?

Can we romance all four space bandits? :stuck_out_tongue: :heart_eyes_cat: :alien: :space_invader:

Do we find the artifact only to discover it’s just a note saying that he real treasure is the power of friendship?

Will you be updating tomorrow?


Will there be a space butterfly?


If there are aliens can there be like a cthulhu like alien race it doesn’t necessarily need tentecals on its mouth or anything but I mean like they way H.P lovecraft presented his monsters as beings that (usually not all the time) have tentecals and drive people mad with the knowledge they hold… Now that sounds like a badass race XD


You can be an Alien,Human,Cyborg,Robot. You will be able to romance all of them [quote=“FairyGodfeather, post:9, topic:18901”]
Do we find the artifact only to discover it’s just a note saying that he real treasure is the power of friendship?

Noooo that reminds me of some type of episode that should be for a kids show on PBS Kids.

Probably maybe just with the really cool character creation


What’s a space butterfly?:joy::smiley: @Razgriz


Hmmmm I like it maybe I can work it in



Ok… I’ll see what I can do?


I got just a bit of a “Seven Deadly Sins, in Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace!” vibe from that premise. Which I am all for.


I see what you did there


Is there gonna be space whales!?!?


No come on I can take space butterflies but not a space whale this isn’t Futurama.:joy::joy::joy::joy: