Decade Request - WIP - A Futuristic Sci-Fi Survival Game

Hey guys

Halfway through writing the prologue of the my new game, this thread is just about any requests, anyone would like to see in the first book- one of three-

The book Is called decade

And if you don’t already know about it just ask and I can tell you thanks

whats it about

A Futuristic Sci-Fi Survival Game? I’m looking forward to it! But can you give us like the bg of the story of the game or smth. :smiley:

Aye aye yes I can!

You play the role of a teenager aged 13-16 you get to chose
And you live in the empire of the United Federation in the year 2020

It starts off as every other normal day with your family, in fact it’s your birthday

The next day everything changes Saudi Arabia declare chemical war on the united federation and in a couple weeks time they set fire at your homeland

An friendly race of alien offer assistance in taking 200 people away with them to there home to start a new life it is accepted and you leave your family behind to start a new life

A day later the chemical weapons set fire on the united federation and kill everyone living there, chemical gas cloud travels across by strong winds to other continents and wipe out all life on earth

It takes ten years to get to the friendly races planet

Only to be attacked by a predator race called Kimer and wipe out everyone one ship

Apart from you and 14 others who rush to a opened cabin and press lockdown on the side of door to lock it shut and can be opened for 10 years or once on solid ground, there is obviously suitable resources for the trip

The kimer still know there are people on board and guard your chamber

When you crash land onto a planet, you land on old Earth, humans tried to settle on the planet but got murderd by the kimer and have got the lust for blood

You dash out your cabin and hide in an abandoned Nasa Bunker

But that’s as much as I am telling you!
:~) It will be in three books that the first book called

DECADE- Judgement Day

The next Book DECADE-Fight or Die

After that DECADE- New Life
Hope you like it

can you describe the appearance of the kimer?

Hmm yeah they have a man like figure an open chest so you can see all the inside protect by a rib cage

Bat like ears
An there body is split into like segments so they can fire out tentacles

I will post a picture of the prototype

how did you get from the friendly races planet to earth if took you 10 years to get to the friendly races planet.

You never got there, your ship got intercepted and then got recoursed to the kimers plantet, which the humans tried to settle on but all got slaughtered by the kimer

At this point i only have one request ant that’s that someone make fun of the kimer for their vaugely rabbit looking ears

Haha like I said its only a prototype

It looks like you made them out of rabbits, praying mantises, komodo dragons, and scorpions.

I don’t know what I have made them out off… Haha