The Galactic Four (WIP)


What about space snails? Those are awesome.


How about a space dolphins!!! And @Zolataya what is a space snail?


If Poland can space, dolphins can space too - :dolphin:


You can’t compare a country to an animal thats like comparing a universe to a solar system. And plus @Zolataya Poland deserves to go to space not dolphins​:joy::joy::joy:. Once we leave earth they can reign as the supreme species.


Space Snail:


Snails move so slow there just going to be a time wasting burden for everyone in space​:joy::joy::joy::joy: But… I’ll see what I can do for you thanks for the suggestion!!:smiley:


What bout’ space dragons, like me :smile: !!!


We’ll have to wrestle.


Your on :grin:!!!


but seriouslly I’m very curious about how you’re gonna handle character creation and how much choosing your race and cyborg parts will influence the story.
also THE GALACTIC FOUR does kinda invoke the image of 4 badasses posing infront of something exploding…or maybe I have played too much Broforce.
anyway good luck, I’m really excited to see where this goes


I believe that space butterflies were mentioned.

I also have a scheduled wrestling match with @moonwalkerdragon at some point in this.

…I will be bringing my power armor.


first: I have to watch that match

second: now I really want this game to have power armor, there are not enough games in this world where I can be a huge badass woman in power armor


That’s a very valid concern. We need more power armor in general.


The main reason why I’m so jealous of good artists is that they can draw stuff like that, A SPACE SNAIL!!


I don’t how I forgot power armor. Hmmm than I shall add that in!!!:smiley:



I am well pleased by this. Looking forward to seeing what you’ve got.


I know this may be cutting it close for the two week deadline, but the description of the game you provided reminded me a lot of Treasure Seekers. While it was a fun game, I feel like it didn’t quite live up to its potential. I sure hope yours does. It sounds fun!