Dark Matter | A Summoner's Choice (WIP)

So I’ve been writing a story like this for a long time. Sadly, recent events that have royally messed up my laptop have kept me from continuing said story, which broke my heart. So upon discovering choicescript, I decided my story would be reborn as Dark Matter | A Summoner’s Choice, for everyone to enjoy. The original story this is based off of is very close to how I plan on writing this. In the story, a young girl is pulled into a magical world where she finds out she has the power of summoning. The reason she discovers this world now is because demons have been hunting the magic kind for generations, but just recently the number of deaths due to demons has been on the rise. She is among the influx of many students entering a special academy to teach them about their magic history and to protect them from having their souls stolen.

Here is the full synopsis for the game:

You play as a young girl from Victorian England who finds herself drawn into a world full of magic and comes to discover that she is long lost royalty. Attend a school full of other magic youths like yourself, meet new friends, find romance, become the best summoner the school has ever seen.

However, all is not well with your school and your kind. The reason the magic royalty, the ancestors of those who once ruled a thriving kingdom in another realm, live in such seclusion is because demons are after their delectable souls, that have the ability to prolong life. Some of these demons have somehow found their way into the school, and your classmates and your own life are at stake. Can you stop this murdering spree before it is to late?

And so far I’ve completed the first scene, which is primarily the prologue and a way for you to set up your stats.

You can test it out here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/126603009/web/mygame/index.html

I need some help with grammar and I need some people who are willing to go around and test my choices to make sure I have no errors. So if you want to help me out, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Can we bind a demon to us?

I was actually thinking about having something like that, you can demonic-like things and bind them to you. Except you have to seek out a runemaster to bind whatever you have summoned to you, as you only have the power to summon them temporarily. I don’t know about binding the actual demons that want to steal your soul though, it’s kind of going to be a part of the plot that binding demons to ones soul has bad consequences, so I think it would kind of be a contradiction to make that possible. I plan on having it based on my original story.

In the original story the realm where all these magic people are from is called the Seven Kingdoms. In each of the seven kingdoms of this realm, there lived people with different magical abilities, the runemasters have the ability to draw runes, the summoners to summon creatures, the seers with power over the mind, the shapeshifters with the power to transform, the elementals with power over the elements, then there was another that I forgot the name of, but they have the abilities is things like superstrength and superspeed, and then another with the power to alter time and with the powers of teleportation and the abilities to create portals and such.

I was thinking that maybe if this game goes well I’ll create one for each of them, but there’s going to be a little of everything in each game if that makes sense :3.

Well I think it’d be cool if the MC is forced to bind a demon to their soul to give them more power against the pure demons this could be a new program that is being tried out to combat demons, you could call it project Evil/Dark Angel or something like that.

That’s an idea :D. Perhaps I’ll add something like that in then :3. Perhaps the MC could be the first one to test it out.

And if you decide to do so you can put in a few very very badass action sequences because of the demon powers, this gives the story more depth and gives you more room to explore all kinds of ideas…

Right and instead of feeling like the MC is just bossing something she summoned around, it would have more action if she was given some demonic kind of powers as well.

Question for something I’m working on since you probably know what to do. How do I get two different stats to show up side by side in the stat menu without having them both have titles. Like if I have a first name and last name stat, how do I get them to show up, Name: First Last.

Hmmm that should be in the developer wikia, also about the demon thing it could be like its killing the MC from the inside like its a voice inside her head that’s helping her but only because it has to, otherwise…

Don’t use a stat chart command just type:

Name: !{fname} !{lname}

In the stats text file ( though you may have used different variable names).

Oh okay, I think I have it working now. I had tried that before, but what was messing me up was because I was still putting it underneath *stat_chart :confused:

@Headhunter180: Yeah, I was going to make it where using magic would lower the MC’s energy, and perhaps using her bound powers would lower her health, because it was kind of forced into a contract with her.

That would make sense. An maybe another thing that she has to deal with is being nearly friendless because the Evil/Dark Angel project gave her an unnatural physical anomaly, perhaps one red and one eye of another color and such, which makes most people deem her as a freak.

Yeah that would be something to do. I plan on having a lot of things happen throughout the story, I’m thinking that wouldn’t be a part at the beginning, but a part later on that kind of changes things for her.

sounds like this will be pretty cool :smiley:

Well for starters, the last line of the intro should be “too late”, and not “to late”, ;p

@Fujin: I hope it is going to be :slight_smile:

@mistylavenda: You know, I know how to use proper grammar, but then once I start writing it just kind of disappears XD. Thanks for finding that for me.

I really loved this demo,I would deffinently play the full version :slight_smile:

Liked the demo, kind of reminds me of a different kind of Alice in Wonderland :slight_smile:

You got that vibe too?!

Thanks :D. I’m thinking of lots of ideas for this and so far I’m having a lot of fun making it, so I’m glad yall like it. I hope the characters could perhaps be close to as memorable as those in Alice in Wonderland. I want to give them a lot of color :).