Tales of Avrona a WiP

I’m just an amateur writer, and have been a fan of Choice of Games and recently found out you can use ChoiceScript to make a game. I’ve seen many great ideas and played many of their titles that I thoroughly enjoyed on my little iPod. I decided recently, literally 12 hours ago, that I wanted to make a game of my own. I don’t care if it’s successful or not, I will enjoy making it nonetheless.

Now off to the game’s idea!

Tales of Avrona (Might change the title later but I kind of like it as it is) is a game that I want to allow people to live or play in a large variety of paths with an even more, expansive way of reaching said paths. “What do you specifically mean?”

As it stands, I want to try to incorporate a variety of basic freedoms that can change the stats or abilities of the player.
So far, I have it in this kind of set in “customization” that I want people to have fun with.

*Gender (I always felt it was a must, not everyone wants to play a male/female).

*Weapons (I want specific weapons to be able to lead to certain paths, or be more useful in certain scenarios while useless in others.).

*Race (I want people to choose a specific race to ensure a more variety of gameplay available, at the same time so they can get a sense of what it’s like to be that Race in a strange land, no not to glorifying racism!)

*Pets (Arguably, find pets to be some of the best things in some games, but I want them to be able to play a key role in ToA).

*Armor (Some armors are better in certain roles, such as heavily played armor would probably just drown you if you were to end up in the ocean as opposed to leather or no armor at all).

Infamy and Fame! I want people to be able to hear about your previous actions as you progress, so then the player has a chance to gain benefits from some actions but become attacked for others.

Drastically different endings, as much as I have loved all the games I’ve played with choice script, I was somewhat dissatisfied that many had multiple endings that would adhere to the same concept. This mostly stemmed from the idea of unlocking/finding all possible endings of each version that I played, while some were different, they were kind of similar. If you’ve played a few telltale games, you might know what I’m talking about, because it didn’t matter what your actions were, at the end you’d always be presented the same ending (Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed the games regardless, there are just times where I wish things can end differently).

Multiple chances of love? In some games, you are given a chance to “fall in love” very early with a variety of people, since I enjoyed it so much I wanted to somehow add that into my own game, and maybe make a variety of characters that people could find as a love interest so that people could find them in certain areas or times as they progressed.

Those are a few mechanics(?) and ideas I wanted to throw in.

I wondered if people would think this was a good idea. If you read this far for some crazy reason, tell me wat’cha think. Critism is always welcomed.

Edit I would also like to release a demo/beta version of this once I get the first or second chapters made, if anyone can tell me or show me a link of how I would greatly appreciate it!

Edit As For a story, I’m trying to lay down various paths for the player to take. I guess the point of it is to, defy destiny, so that the player has complete and free will of their actions, so they wouldn’t be completely “on rails.” As for the paths, so far I have the character’s “True Destiny” if the character so chooses to follow/happens to find it. But, I’ve also tried to develope other paths if people wish to deviate, such as becoming a Tyrant, a Pirate, a Guard, I even want to add a “Nobody” ending, where you may have reached the end without gaining fame or infamy, but at the same time, I want to add a “Mythic” ending for the player.

“What do you mean by Mythic?” I won’t go into full details into that. Just an idea that players can reach and possibly attain better heights than they’re “True Destiny.”

Edit Thanks for the feedback so far folks, as for testing the waters and what not, I was thinking of making the first chapter and sending out a demo and seeing how people would like it (if at all). If the feedback is positive, I would take the extra time to start up future chapters, but as life as grabbed me, my time to do so is limited. But I am dedicated to this idea and have already gotten up to 12 thousand words in the first chapter.


Sounds very fun but with everything you want to do, the project is ambitious - ambitious is good but it makes things harder. As I am finding out myself :rose:


Your ideas sound very good and if you get your story out before a link we can help and give comments on the idea.

Can’t wait to play it

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Sounds good can’t wait for Demo

Just a thought… But your game’s title sounds suspiciously similar to Tales of Aravorn. Good luck regardless.

Honestly never heard of it, I thought Avrona sounded cool when I popped open a random name generator.

Ambition is good, but before committing to something like this you should really “test the waters” first by making a shorter/smaller game and familiarizing yourself with the script.

Yeah, it sounds like a really good idea! I’ll be looking forward to a demo :stuck_out_tongue: