Choose your story game


I just started working on this choose your story game called fallen its about a fallen angel losing his memories and he tries to figure out who he is and why he was casted out of heaven. So if anyone is interested i could give you a link and you could give me some suggestions and opinions of it. I just started it so its not very long yet and English isn’t my best language so there are probably going to be some grammar issues.




Ill try it.


I want to try it


I want to

#6 Here is the link to it still a very early wip but i should at least get a good amount done by the end of tomorrow.
Right now im just trying to get as much done so there’s probably going to be a lot of grammar mistakes .


Best couple pages in a story ever


Thinking of giving the mc a familiar he can summon so what sounds better for a demonic fallen angel a Black dragon or a hell hound.


Hell hound vs Dragon…I LOVE DRAGONS!


Guess ill go with dragon would be interesting.


Maybe the dragon/hell hound can lead us in our dreams?


Just updated it with some info on dragons should i add something more or is it good as it is


Hell hound I love them for there brutality


can i try it?


if he is a fallen angel i think hiss familiar should be something of the light side or that originaly was but fell with him


i know a lot about angels and from what i know, 6 winged angels are called Seraphim and are the highest rank amongst angels .


He used 8 wings


been busy lately due to school starting soon but i will get back to writing sometime today or tomorrow.


I can wait(I think we might make the war end)


Okay finally finished all the crap i had to do irl and will start working on it again first thing tomorrow well if i don’t get lazy. So Asuna love interest yes or no? Not sure how to proceed with her character.