Book number one, advice and ideas wanted?!


I know this is a game discussion but I love the story games and thought about something so I started writing a book ive wrote quite abit but would like some advice off fellow people so if I get anything from this I will post the start of the book


What’s the book about?


About a boy who is the son of two gods and bonds to a dragon and has to do thousands of quests and goes into wars and empires and other things, I know the gramma and other things arent perfect but I wanted the ideas down first


Will there be more than one dragon to choose from?


Having a customizable dragon, as in creating your own species of dragon or choosing from a selection, would be good to help strengthen the bond between the player and dragon as it would truly feel like your dragon. Or maybe have a perspective switch between the player and dragon throughout the story?

Just spitballing ideas, but id love to know more about the story itself


I’m writing an actual book like eragon and stuff like that, and well I just wanted some advice from here because its got people who do writing ideas and stuff and giveing ideas and opinions,

The main characters called Xabiere which means the chosen one

And his dragon is a she called Vervaltria shes black and gold and is the last of her kind


I would love to make a choice game out of this but I cant code at all I mean to difficult ive tried and failed and well I would make a game but dont have a coder who isnt busy with there own game.


Feed back would be nice


Keep trying to learn ChoiceScript - you’re less likely to get feedback on a book here (people come to talk about CoG), but you’ll have no end of feedback and encouragement for a game. It’s not easy but it’s worth it!


its good but what ideas are you looking for, like ideas for a plot or characters in the book, setting? Great that your writing a book maybe you could get someone to help you with the code idk though


I agree with Havenstone


tumblr has a lot of great writing advice blogs, with suggestions on everything from characters to plot to setting to phrasing/grammar. I’d suggest making a dedicated tumblr account just to follow some of those blogs. If you search “writing,” you’ll find all kinds of good stuff.


I have thousands of ideas and intend to make a lot of books and your right I could have some help with a coder like and start a game cause I tried once with arcania but not sure what happened to him, well I just wanted a couple of people to read what I’ve written and see what they think?


Out of ccuriosity, what is the main goal of your main character and the obstacle that stands in his/her way?


Well theres this island continent they live on and well its about to go to war with the rest of the world which has been conquered by evil lords of darkness and well hes got to stop it but there is so much more to it


If you can’t simplify your book into a single focus where your readers can understand than its pointless to make the book. For example, A Song of Ice and Fire series, better known as The Game of Thrones in HBO, most Houses (if not all) want one thing mostly, to be on the Iron Throne and rule Westeros.

So as a reader, I know that regardless of the commotion that happens in the book, at least I have a sense of direction. So far in your book you have a villian, such as Sauron in lord of the rings, who wants to conquer the island.

If the hero is born from two gods than why should I worry as a reader because the hero is basically a god, so why can’t he flick his finger and the bad guy goes adios.

So basically what I am trying to say is, give a short simple summary of the plot, such as what is the main goal, what is greatest obstacle the hero will face and how the hero defeats the villian. After this you should have a basic plot outline that will give your story a sense of direction and as a bonus, the summary might be your premier.


Well I prepared for this you see gods dont bond with creatures so when Xabiere he bonded with Vervaltria his powers were made into a lesser form which will grow stronger and stronger, and no one can snap there fingers and someone dies because thats not how gods work they aither have a champion or work behind the scenes and well these gods are basically immortal people who have lots of power and are connected to the world so they are killable but only if the world dies do they die make sense?


Holyknight, you may wanna practice using punctuation and correct grammar if you’re going to write a novel. I’m not trying to be rude or anything, I’m just giving you some advice.


You are contradicting yourself now.

1.) “Xabiere is a god who has bonded with his dragon and so his powers were made into a lesser form”; so what you basically saying is that he got weaker after bonding with his dragon yet you go on to say that he will become strong. Is he getting stronger or weaker, it can’t be both?

What I think you might be trying to say is that Xabiere turned into a mortal after bonding with his dragon

2.) “Gods are immortal people that have lots of powers”; but than you go and say that these same gods are killable yet the definition of immortality is that one cannot die. How the hell are you going to kill a person who can’t die?

In my opinion I strongly discourage you on writing a novel. While @Samuel_H_Young has a point on your grammar, I have a problem that you a first time writer and you not ready to write a novel. Grammar and spelling can be fixed by an Editor but creativity.

Don’t take this the wrong way, I suggest start with short stories first. You do have the raw passion but it needs to be polished to become novel material.


Well, there is biological immortality like with star fish, jelly fish and some lobsters. It basically means that unless you are killed, you can live forever.

I agree with your other points, though.