Wanderlust (WIP)


Hey all,

I’ve had this ever-growing homebrew world in my head for the last couple of years. I’d have liked to DM a group of D&D players with it, but the fates are not in my favor to do so. So after recently discovering the awesome CoG games, I’ve decided to convert it from D&D adventure to a CoG game.

So since this will be a fantasy themed game, you’ll get your choice of race (dwarf, elf, etc), gender (male, female), I might possibly add orientation (gay, straight, bi, none) to add some potential romance/seduction during the story, and some questions will be asked about your childhood and education, all of which will determine your game stats. The stats I’m looking at will be “opposed_pair” style…

Genius/Village Idiot
Church Mouse/Flatulent

…without going into detail on the choices offered to determine what will be raised, do these 5 stats come across as reasonably self-explanatory, whilst also providing a bit of a chuckle?


I like the look of the stats, they seem quite self-explanatory to me. If you’re making a fantasy game in ChoiceScript, you might want to check out “Life of a Wizard” by @Lucid. It has a lot of different races, and is an excellent fantasy game. I’m looking forward to seeing how this turns out!


Church Mouse/Flatulent is a little obtuse to me. Is it a measure of social grace or cleanliness?


The stats seem to be good, but I don’t quite understand the church mouse/flatulent one. Is it supposed to be determining your stealth? As in “quiet as a church mouse” vs “they’ll hear you coming a mile away”?



could also be a personality stat in are you a nice personality or obnoxious


‘Villiage Idiot’ - That made me chuckle a bit.


@Trask84 Yeah, there’s a couple different ways that stat could be interpreted, so it makes it a bit confusing.


Church mouse = poor/ flatulent = obese, a sign of wealth.

It’s a measure of wealth or weight.


Seems like I got the general meanings across. In order, they are (more or less)…


…I just wanted to use something less generic. I’ll make sure the choices during character creation make it more obvious.

I’ll post some info about The Land later when I have more time. I appreciate everyone’s feedback.


Would have got all of those except Stealth. (Well guessed, Eriedanna) Perhaps fumble-footed rather than flatulent?


I think I’ll probably go with simplified Stat names & flavor it in the text of the story, based on stat score & difficulty of the attempted task.

So, a little about my world…

My world is inhabited by Humans & Demi-Humans (Dwarves, Elves, Halflings, and Gnomes). Those are the “good guys.” Not to say there aren’t a few bad apples among the bunch, but just in general. All 5 major races get along well (or tolerate each other due to high competitiveness, in the case of Dwarves & Elves), but interbreeding just doesn’t happen regularly.

Dwarves live in the northern mountains of Klagsdale, under the guidance of their deity Klag (hence “Klag’s Dale”). Elves live to the south in a forested area called The Sylvan Lakes, with no known Drow or Drow-like Elves. Halflings & Gnomes are somewhere in the middle, living near one another & visiting each other often, but in separate villages. And Humans are the race who settle anywhere they can find, ranging from small villages to mid-sized towns.

The Land, as it is simply known, is basically wedge-shaped, with an ocean on the west & a mountainous shelf to the east. The protruding wedge is inhabited by the 5 races and your typical non-magical animals.

Now, here’s the gimmick. No one in The Land has ever ventured beyond The Great Shelf. It is forbidden. But there are rumors, of course. Rumors of lost races & civilizations and creatures never before seen in The Land. (This is my way of making the world a little more interesting…not everything inhabits the same area all at the same time.) So essentially, the idea of being a big-time adventurer is unheard of in The Land.

As far as everyday life in The Land, fighting is for hunting & sporting events, as there are no wars going on (and haven’t been in the history of The Land). Magic is as commonly used in The Land as science & technology is in the real world. And Thieving…well, there are professional locksmiths for those who accidentally lock themselves out of their homes, but remember what I said earlier about bad apples? You got it.


Why not call your game the Land


As far as titles, I’d consider…

The Land
The Land Beyond
Beyond The Land
The Dauntless Explorer
The Outlander


@DavePDF So not anything to do with The Great Shelf? Kinda reminds of The Edge Chronicles…


@Kitty9 Haven’t heard of either. Looked up Edge Chronicles, definitely haven’t read it. The Great Shelf…only thing I could find was part of an EQ2 quest.


@DavePDF Haha, really good books. By Chris Riddell and Paul Stewart.
Love the idea for the gane anyway. Looking forward forwards to the demo. :slight_smile:


It may be putting the cart before the horse, but I’m considering doing it like Zombie Exodus where the first 2 or 3 chapters are free, then you can buy each additional chapter for a low price. Seems like a good way to get a free demo out there…I’ve always been a fan of the “try before you buy” concept.


@DaveDPF I highly discourage this approach anymore. When I started ZE, I thought doing a try-before-you-buy approach made sense, but it becomes more trouble than it’s worth. First off, a good percentage of readers feel you are baiting-switching them, giving them a free app, then “forcing” them to pay for the “real” content, leading to poor reviews. Second, the chance of making any revenue is much more reduced in this model. Last, updating the app in an ongoing basis is much more difficult.

The only real advantage is in sending out requests for reviews, since you can tell reviewers the app is free to try.


That’s highly surprising, especially since I’m so picky and prefer a free trial first…guess I’m in the minority.

Thanks for the tip!


I’ve written a bit so far about being born and the history of The Land as a tie-in for character creation (race and gender). Next will be the character’s childhood, which will begin to give shape to the stats. I’ll continue to post updates whenever i write more to the story.

@JimD I assume the easiest way to make a CoG is to write the story first and code it at various checkpoints/milestones in the story?