Hello fellow writers!

I am new to writing interaction novel/games and I just wanted to get to know the other writers out there. If you wish, please answer a few things such as age, gender, and what got you into writing? and anything else you want to add.

To start, I am a 22 year old female and ever since I was little I have wanted to make video games…which was a bit unrealistic of a goal. :stuck_out_tongue: later, I got really interested in writing books… I get many ideas all the time! but decided I wouldn’t ever finish a book since I didn’t want to deal with self publishing… A few years back, I came to find the Choice of the Dragon game. I wasn’t thrilled by the story, but the idea seemed awesome! A book and game into one! My friends and I used to do that, just with a real person making up the choices as we went. So here I am…starting my first game ever… I’m not sure if I will be disciplined enough to ever finish it, but it would be awesome! I am also strongly into music-guitar, and song writing. The hard part about having so many hobbies, is that you don’t have enough time to do everything! DX anyway that’s me…so who are you? =]

Awesome sweetie congrats welcome to the forum! Add romance to your game and I will gladly follow it. Just remember to motivate your self and it will come along

I am a male, I’m in highschool. I didn’t start thinking about writing stories until I read the Underland series by the lady who made the hunger games. After I started writing with a friend I was hooked. I’ve always loved the idea of having a game where your choices actually matter so when I stumbled upon choice of Dragon I had discovered my new addiction. I started developing a game a few weeks ago and thanks to a team of friends I think I’ll be able to fulfill my dream of creating my own game book. As long as I enjoy writing I’ll continue to write.

A lot of my scenes in my game are influenced by whatever song I’m listening to. And trust me being someone who almost never finishes big projects if I can do it then I believe you’ll do fine.

@RockStarPenguin Welcome to CoG Forum. I am just another aspiring writer who is just 2 months old( by Forum terms). I must say you will find everyone very supportive and encouraging. As for my self intro, it would almost be a mere repetiton of what you wrote(though I am not into music).:smiley:

Amith is right. I’ve actually never seen a more supportive group of people. Welcome to the CoG family :slight_smile:

Awesome! I hope everyone can finish their games =] The game I am working on now is 100% based on romance actually. I know that won’t interest everyone, but I know a lot might like it.

I’ve seen a few games like that before while it isn’t my cup of tea (I’m fine with any game if I can be a dude) there is certainly a lot of people who enjoy games like that. I doubt that it’ll take long for your game to develop a large following. I wish you the best of luck Penguin!

thank you so much =] sorry but the game will be set as a girl MC… I thought about making the option of being a guy…but then that would make the game twice as long D: In future games, I make games with a set guy character. I know many people like it where you can choose a gender, but for the stories I want to write, it would make it too complicated or lose some depth of character. I understand that will limit who will want to play the game, but that’s ok =]

So you’ve thought about this a lot then? Good that means it’s going to be a rather promising and interesting game. We may have found a new gem here…Hmm I may even have to give it a try myself. Might finally make that female MC that I’ve been pondering about making.

well thanks! X] I want to put a lot of thought in to my work and make it interesting and feel deep and most realistic as possible. I feel most these games have a lack of in depth romance and relationships.

Not that I have played many… I just know some are like that :stuck_out_tongue: but it’s ok, each game is different!

Yeah I’ve noticed that as well. They’re just sort of there. I don’t know about you but if I romance someone in a game I want them to become pretty important to what happens next and that it’s more of a relationship besides “I like you.” “I like you too. Wanna screw?” “Yeah sure.” XD


It’s not an unrealistic goal at all. If you want to make video games then you can. If you want it enough you can do it.

I love this video.

@Razgriz *whispers* It’s Suzanne Collins! *hint,hint* *wink,wink* *nudge, nudge*
And to answer the OP’s question. I am not writing a cog. Though I am writing a book. I am 14,in high school(middle school for the Americans) and what got me into writing was that it’s fun, creating worlds,characters and enchanting stories. I absolutely love it! :smiley:
I started writing(really badly) in like,4th or 5th grade. Though they were only short stories. But I like imagining stories,wizards,dragons. Or highschool,werewolves vampires without sparkles(I went there),or just slice of life. Tragic stories. Or enticing mysteries! I love books and literature,I think I always will,to be honest. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi! I’m 22, in twenty days 23, Finnish expat now in Norway who has been basically writing since roughly 2002 or so. A guy, of course. I used to do a lot of forum-based roleplaying so that’s where I honed my skills. I’ve written something akin to five short stories just for my own amusement. Thought I would start doing something worthwhile on CoG since I love CYOA-style games and interactive novels. Originally started on a cyberpunk game which I kind of lost interest on but am still conceptualizing so I can continue working on it at a later date, right now working on the newly named first (but hopefully not last) Lords of Aswick historical fantasy interactive novel. I’d say for my current writing style my greatest influences are Tolkien, Orwell, Asimov… @Cataphract… People like that. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish you the best of luck with your own story. I don’t know if CoG or the people on the forum consider Choice of Romance a successful game or not, but to me it is something I keep reminding myself of when trying to add intrigue or a speck of romance into my own story. I think there’s a real market for stuff more in-depth and emotional, but that might just be me.

Oh, and welcome to the forums!

Hi, first of all welcome to the Cog family im 16 soon to be 17 year old boy and entering my first year of college
ive been on yhe forum since 2012 but mostly as a gost stalking the forum (hehehe) but ive recently staryed writing my own cog wich I hope to put up a thread for soon enough. I am notoriously bad at finishing projects (thses include cleaning my room, feeding my brother, etc.) so I seriously hope I finish this project and good luck with yours.


Welcome aboard! If you make a compelling romance/relationship gamebook, I’m pretty sure you’ll attract a lot of support and interest. I know folks go nuts over @jeanwriter’s Guenevere, which is probably the most believable and authentic “relationshipy” game I’ve read on here, although I’m sure I’ve missed some.

I’m old enough to be the father (or at least very cool uncle) of most posters on here, but I like being surrounded by the youthful energy. Like many others, I grew up on CYOA books. I love reading, but I also like the interactivity of video games, so for me, CoG/HG is a perfect middle ground.

If you become invested in your work in progress, I just counsel you to keep with it! I’ve been working on Community College Hero since January, and after roughly 400 hours on the computer, I’ve getting near the finish line.

Good for you StarScry! Writing fiction is very fun. I have started many books and stories but just haven’t ever finished anything! But keep writing!

And thanks everyone! =] Everyone is so nice on here!

My cat unexpectedly died just today…so I’m not sure if I will feel like working on my book for a while. but I hope to get back to it and finish it some day!

Oh god. My cat we had to put down, she was old and sick…Poor thing. I hope my other cat doesn’t have to be sick. I’d rather she not die at all,though that’s impossible. Just know,that your cat loves you and still does,wherever she is. It just feels empty without one of your cats…Best regards to you RockStarPenguin. <3

aww thanks! That’s kind of you. and yes it does feel empty. but she was very old (17) and lived a good long life! and died without pain so I am glad for that =] I’m sorry your cat had to be put down…that would be very hard.